Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Turning Three { Amelie }

Little miss. Soon to be three. Inspired by Sonia from Life Love and Hiccup's. And her post about protecting the memories. Because time passes by so fast. And the small things can so easily fade from your memory.

Our little girl. Not so little anymore. Growing into her own. Before our very eyes. Her little quirks and nuances. All the little things that make her Amelie. That make us smile. That test my patience. All the little things I don't want to forget.

A moment in time. Captured. All her favourites. At the age of three.

Your Favourite Things
Jumping off the couch while flapping your wings. Your attempt to fly like a little bird
Toby, your beloved companion
Turning your Mum and Dad into a frog with your fairy wand
Dancing, dancing, dancing
Butterfly kisses before bedtime
Your door being left open "a little tiny bit" at nighttime
Your baby Jessie
Drawing faces, green grass and the sun
Chocolate and cheese
Dipping your toast soldiers into homemade soup
Running races
Glue, sparkles and pom poms
As many books as you can persuade before lights out ( you have become extraordinarily good at stretching out your bedtime)
Climbing and swinging high into the sky
Your make believe shop, where everything always costs twenty dollars, regardless of how much I buy
As many cartoons as you can negotiate in a day to watch
Colours, the brighter, the better
Mumma's long hair
Daddy's big muscles
Jessie's soft brown baby hair

Happy birthday darling girl. We love listening to your now, very confident chitter chatter. Helping ease your worries { no I won't let Dad put you in Jessie's night time nappies again, yes he was very naughty for doing that }. And watching you slowly grow, into a protective and gentle big sister.

I know in the past I have been reluctant to use my children's actual names. It was, it is, a privacy thing. That line I'm trying to define in my own mind. What I'm willing and feel safe to share. What I'm not.  It sometimes gets blurry. The line hard to judge. And this one has. On my Facebook page, my children are referred to by their names often, and I'm more than ok with that. But it's pointless using pseudonym's for them on this blog, if that's going to be the case. So no longer Miss A or J. Simply Amelie and Jessie.


  1. This is very sweet.

    I was the same with my children's names on my blog. I still refer to my partner with initials: because as much as he likes what I write I don't think he would appreciate business associates googling him and my blog coming up. With kids though it's a very personal decision on a bloggers part and you're right, the line does get blurry and it's about doing what we feel comfortable doing.

    1. Thank you Kacie.
      I'm the same with my husband, he doesn't want to be splashed around the internet either!

  2. Amelie is a beautiful name - so of course is Jessie! - but I understand about the privacy thing, I think most people do. I refer to my husband as hubby, any one else as a colleague or friend, depending on who they are, and to other bloggers by the names they use on their blog - as I figure it is already out there! It is a tricky thing to manage as it is others privacy for them to share. What a beautiful idea to make this list of your daughters favourite things. I hope that she will look back on it in future years with great joy! Happy Birthday to Amelie for when the big day comes! xx

  3. She is sweet your Amelie. Does she turn you back into humans after playing frogs with you?

    I have always used my children's names on my blog and initially I was not comfortable about this. I have asked the older ones if it is ok to use their names and I usually ask them if I plan to write about them. The little ones have to trust my judgment at the moment. I am sometimes worried writing about James and Alistair because they are adopted. I can't imagine their birth parents being blog readers but I do have this niggling feeling sometimes.

    I am more careful with blog titles: once I called a post "my sweet girl" (referring to my daughter) and almost within minutes the page views sky rocketed, mostly automated trawler sites I think but it was really creepy. I changed the title the moment I realised and the views dropped again to baseline. This really shook me to the core and I have been more careful since..
    I think it is normal to have different standards for different things (Facebook vs Blog), even though it may not always make sense.

    You chose lovely names for your girls. Cx

    1. That is worrying Christina. I always think of things like that, and will always keep your post name in my mind from this time on. Privacy and giving of too much information is definitely something to have to be careful with x oh and yes, we usually get turned back to a man and a lady. Eventually!

  4. I am inspired by this. Trouble's birthday is soon....I must do something similar.

  5. Oh huni - I adore this and I find so much comfort that I am not alone in my urgency to protect those memories we have of the little quiet things. xx

  6. love these types of lists. the perfect way to keep those memories that i am sure fade and blur the older they get. she is divine! x

  7. I had a time where I wasn't comfortable with my kids photos being online at ALL. But as time passed, we didnt' see relatives as much and I also got more into photography, and just wanted to share. So, I don't mind anymore.

    This photo is adorable and Amelie is such a beautiful name. I remember you commenting on my blog that our girls had similar names (ours is Amelia). Three is old! Happy Birthday Amelie :) My son is 3 1/2 now, and it's just so bittersweet seeing them grow, isn't it?


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