Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Turners Beach { The Growers and Makers Market }

I love a good little market. And an afternoon spent pottering my way through one. It was the nicest way to spend a quiet Australia Day afternoon. A growers and makers market. Complete with street cricket, and a quick visit to the beach.

Turners Beach is a quaint little seaside town, not far from Mum's house. It has so much to offer, particularly now that it also has a monthly farmers market, a gorgeous little cafe in La Mar's, and the loveliest of beaches too. It's all a bit Home and Away really. Minus the Bra Boys.

The lovely Susan who owns La Mar's, has helped to bring a really lovely village feel to Turners Beach with not only her cafe, but now the market. And she is also planning a community vegetable garden for the area too. Another little town to add to my search properties list on

We bought a healthy amount of produce, artisan bread, bakery goods and succulent plants. Which is why there are few photos. My hands were full with food and damp children from their paddle at the beach. So the camera mostly stayed in the bag.

The beaches. Aren't they just stunning. I won't deny, the water is a little crisp.  But, the longer I'm here, the more I can see the advantage of living here again. Especially with a young family. So many more chances to enjoy the simple things in life. Be close to my own family again. And enjoy a great quality of life.

Twelve years ago I left here paralyzed by the sameness and quietness that was this place. Now, with Tasmania really coming into its own, and a change in my own pace since having the girls, I find myself doing a 180. And thinking to return. For all the same reasons that made me want to leave in the first place.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Cling Factor

Sigh. My daughters, sitting in my Grandparents dining room, away from the rest of my family sitting in the room next door. Their choice. A case of whatever keeps them happy and quiet so I can finish my conversation, just this once.

What an absolute exhausting week this has been. Any patience I had left has just disappeared, along with all the sleep and rest that I'm just not getting. And we're on holidays. So it makes that exhausted feeling, just feel all the more worst. Because I would have liked to have felt a little more rested on holidays than I actually am.

While the household has recovered from it's bout of norovirus, the girls have been slow to settle and relax with the unfamiliar faces that are around them. It's meant lots of time fighting over who gets to sit on Mum's lap while I'm trying to have a conversation with somebody. Sick children wanting to only be comforted by Mum. And more whinging or whining than I can stand or care to listen to. And lets not talk about the crying and running into another room if somebody from my family happens to look at them or feel affectionate and try to pick one of my daughters up.

This last week has been hard. Even after all the vomiting stopped.

We cancelled our trip down to Hobart. While I desperately wanted to go there, it was becoming plainly obvious that to do so, was biting off more than I could chew. And would require more effort than I have left in my reserves.

My youngest waking up in the night, and taking 2 or so hours to fall back to sleep, is not helping matters either.

I can't help but want my girls to enjoy spending time with my family. But all my wants are futile. To my girls, these faces are unfamiliar. While they might be able to sense my relaxed nature around my family, they haven't been quick to copy it. I guess walking in the door to a house that isn't your own, and vomiting uncontrollably within the first hour of arriving, can make you feel wary of a place for awhile.

Also, there's that unrealistic expectation. For your children to be on their best behavior, for everybody to be able to enjoy and see them at their best. Completely unrealistic at moments during this holiday. 

And so it goes with living far away from family. That just as you start to near the date you leave, that they both start to feel more comfortable. In their surrounds, with my family. Finally going to them now for comfort and cuddles. Their behaviour more settled (mostly!) It currently feels very unfair!! For all of us.

Do you live away from family? Finding it sucks big time too?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ring-a-Ring o' Roses { Mum's House ]

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

Such lovely weather. It has meant lots of time spent out in Mum's garden. And the girls couldn't be happier.

With such hot weather in the Pilbara at the moment, we often find ourselves cooped up inside longer than we'd like to be. So we are really trying to make the most of every part of our holiday. Especially now that we're feeling a little healthier.

Ring-a-ring o'roses, and at as quick a speed as their little feet can manage. Their new favourite thing to do.

I can't help but love those small moments in the day, where the girls make their own fun together. It happens only occasionally. But when it does, it is so joyful. The spontaneous laughter. The girlish silliness.

At times like these, I can't help but feel secretly quite pleased to be Mummy to two beautiful little girls.

Monday, 20 January 2014

The House of a Million Displays { Mum's House }

My Mum's house. It is a true reflection of her personality. As all good houses should be. So many bits and pieces. Carefully placed, hung and displayed.

Sometimes growing up, it felt more like you were growing up in a shop rather than a home. And my siblings and I had mixed feelings about it at times. Knocking your head constantly on baubles that hang from chandeliers in the kitchen, soon wears thin when you're a tall person, and just trying to make your breakfast while half asleep.

While I always found peace in the garden, I haven't always felt the same about the inside. I have been known, to cut down in an "I've had enough" type frenzy, ridiculously large cane balls from ceilings after hitting my head on them a few too many times. And to clear one of two dining tables (in the same kind of frenzy mentioned above), so I could just sit down somewhere and eat without a flower arrangement poking me in the eye.

But, as with anything, you appreciate something more when you aren't surrounded by it all the time. And that does describe my feelings about the inside of Mum's house now. While impractical in some areas, it is a beautiful collection of things. Amassed over a lifetime. It fills every heaving shelf, corner, and wall in this home. And my daughters love it all. The baubles, the bells hanging everywhere. The more they look, the more they have discovered.

It's crazy, cooky, confident and sometimes a bit too much and garish. A mixture of traditional, bold, modern and crafty styles. And maybe all of that, kind of describes Mum too!

A very small example, of all that unfolds inside.




 While it might all be a little crazy and colourful, this space is definetly filled with all things love.

The Strawberry Farm

Small town living. It really is the little things that make for happy, fun moments. A quick trip to the local strawberry farm. For a punnet of fresh strawberries (which you can pick yourself), and some of their well known and often talked about ice cream.

I can't help but think to myself during this holiday, why the hell did I leave this place to begin with? You truly do take for granted, all that you have around you at times. This visit home for me, is certainly proving that.

Tasmania's produce, certainly is world class. I just love all the little places like this one that are slowly emerging, celebrating all that this state has to offer.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Feeling a Little Better Afternoon

Not the best start to our holiday at Mum's. A nice strong dose of highly contagious Norovirus arrived with us from the Pilbara. Courteous of my youngest daughter. The man who collects the trolleys at the local supermarket spread it round town by coming to work sick. That after a day spent previously in hospital suffering it's effects. So the rumour goes anyway (and you know how accurate those things can be in small towns).

I'm not judging him. Sometimes, you just have to go to work. For whatever reason. But the fallout for our small town has been seriously felt. Lots of sick people. Vomiting. Unable to keep fluids down. Not good in daily 40 degree plus temperatures. Especially for the little ones.

Both of my daughters and Mum, have been affected so far. My sister and I, are feeling fine for now. Somebody had to play nurse to the other three night and day.

Finally, the day has arrived. Our first vomit free day of the holiday. The bodies are still feeling a little achey, the stomachs a little tender, and the diet still consists of mostly dry food, but they are at least now up and moving. Keeping fluids and food down. Which is such a relief with young children. Especially my littlest who was both first, and worst hit by this nasty little virus.

So it was time, to get out of the house. To put the bleach bottle down. Give the washing machine a rest from the towels, and bed linen that it has laboriously cleaned over the last three days. And get some fresh air. Of the sea breeze kind. The kind that we don't get living where we do.

I'm hoping all that fresh air is going to blow away any last trace of sickness!
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