Monday, 30 December 2013

A New Year { And a Cyclone }


It has passed by before we even realised it. It's true what they say. The older you get, the faster the years pass. And scarily, I don't feel any different then I did ten years ago. Maybe, just a little more sleep deprived. Our girls, growing up so quickly, are the yardstick to which we measure how quickly time has passed for us.

In the space of a year we have moved twice. First from a rental, into our own home (with a two month baby in tow), and then again, from our own home to a company house in the Pilbara. It has been a year of surprises. And it has kind of been exhausting.

Two young children, taking up so many of our minutes in the day. And night. Trying to find time for ourselves. For each other. Looking back now, I can see that day to day life is so much easier now then it was at the start of the year. Even if it doesn't feel like it at times.

So many glimpses of joy throughout our day, as the girls slowly start interacting more and more with each other as sisters. Laughing with one another, at each other, playing together, sharing (ok, only occasionally with that side of things). A real closeness is starting to grow between them both.

Before their arrival, New Years would have been spent at the usual type of place. Somebody's backyard, house or night club/pub. Mostly lacklustre. And if I think about it, completely unmemorable. The reality for us this year. We'll be doing absolutely nothing, aside from storm watching. We have a cyclone in the area. Cyclone Christina. The tail end of which is expected to reach us on New Years Eve. One of the quietest new years eves I've ever celebrated, but one that I doubt I will forget.

It's going to be a windy and rainy afternoon and night, at the least. The backyard has been packed up. Everything brought under cover. Tied down. Shade sails taken down. It's our first experience with cyclones, so I'm a little unsure of what to expect. Maybe we're all preparing for something that might have lost most of it's steam by the time it reaches us. But it's better to be cautious right? The full to the brim shopping trolleys at the supermarket today, tell me that that's the case. Locals here know, that a flood on any major road, can potentially cut off any supplies into town, for days at a time.

Motherhood and maturity, makes me entirely comfortable with a new years eve, consisting of the usual bedtime routine with the girls, a quiet glass of wine and a storm. That's all I'll need to see in 2014.

Happy New Years to you. And if you're in my part of the world, I hope you've battened down your hatches and are staying safe x

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunshine and Quiet

Well, this was no mummy vacation like I've talked about previously, but it felt just as good, even if it was only for a few hours.

I've been lacking a little bit of me time of late. Patience levels were slipping. I was tired of the mundane day to day. The cleaning, the craft activities, the playing, the cooking. Everything and everyone was just annoying me a little more than they should.

With my husband home on holidays I made my escape. An afternoon at the pool, all on my lonesome. Divine. Just me, my beach towel, the sun, the pool and a good magazine. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a peaceful, slow swim on my own. No children, no pool noodles, no floaties. In fact no flotation devices at all. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like.

The only thing I was missing. A colourful drink with an umbrella in it. Maybe next time! Hope you're managing to squeeze in a little rest and relaxation before the start of the new year x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas day is almost upon us. Funny how it takes so long to actually get to this day. Yet creeps up on you all of a sudden also. Two batches of rumballs made and eaten (considering on whether to make a third), shortbread and Christmas truffles made, also all eaten. Funny how little nibbles such as these, slowly disappear in the lead up to Christmas Day. Though nobody seems to have eaten them. We must have a Christmas mouse in our house.

The Kailis bro's fish truck on it's last stop in town before Christmas. Fresh fish and seafood delivered to us. Four and a half hours away from the coast. The prawns were popular today. But I just can't do kilos of prawns in one sitting.
Our choice today, blue emperor fillets, to be served with some steamed greens. Something light in between a champagne breakfast at a friends house, and a traditional Christmas dinner at anothers later in the day. My share of the Christmas cooking this year is light. A fruit salad to add to the table at breakfast, and a tray of roast vegetables for dinner. I think I can manage that.

I haven't spent many Christmas's away from my extended family interstate. As family members grow older, it is always a sobering thought. A reminder to cherish our time and memories, with those who are nearest and dearest to us. Life passes by too quickly. Even myself, in my early 30's, feel a great sadness when I remember the loved ones who are not with us at times like these. I often wonder, how my Grandparents feel on family occasions such as these. So many important people in their lives, passed on, but still deeply remembered. Sometimes, characters, are too big to forget, the love too strong, for things to ever feel the same way without their presence.

Which is why little faces like these, bring so much joy, hope and meaning to Christmas.
Little Miss J, too busy in her own imagination to be able to look at the camera for photos anymore.


Wishing you all the merriest of Christmas's. May you be surrounded by loved ones and happiness. And for those that will celebrate Christmas on their own this year, I send to you my warmest biggest hug also.

Thankyou, for all your lovely comments in the past five months. I appreciate every single one of them and am truly grateful for all your support and interest in my space on the internet world xx


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Drive Down the Fortescue River { The Wrong Way }

Our bumpy car has been on a hiatus. Too hot to be taken out on the road for any type of adventure, it has languished in the drive. Taken out only for the occasional small trip around town. Not quite what it is meant for.

A spontaneous call over the weekend, ended all that. And took us on a drive in the wrong direction (further away from civilisation than we intended) down the Fortescue River.

A mostly dry and sandy riverbed made for surprising fun. We took the mountainous way to reach the river, which was typically scenic and stunning. A reminder that despite the mundane of town, that we are lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery. And to also have this opportunity to live here, and be able to enjoy and do things that we would never have experienced otherwise. This, is partly what we moved here for. An adventure. Albeit a red one.

A love heart in the sky! ( Please excuse the dirty windscreen! )
The wet season has arrived here, and while nowhere near enough rain to fill the river, small waterholes have formed in and along the riverbeds. A perfect spot to enjoy the peace, rest and wet the feet. Or if you're young enough to still get away with running around nudie rudie style, then you can cool yourself off completely.

Driving onto the riverbed.

The smiley faced man who may, or may not have wanted to go left.

Without a road sign in sight, and the evening approaching faster than we realised, it was time to make a decision. Do we go left or do we go right down the river, back to the Great Northern Highway and home. We took the left, a scenic drive yes, but the wrong choice. One which we realised after a good while. A U-turn. And then a faster drive home than the one we made to arrive at our afternoon waterhole. It all left the car a little quiet. It was a rather fast and bumpy drive. Nobody wants to 4WD in the dark. Or get bogged.

Funny how a toddler can pick up on everything left unsaid. The mood of the car told her that we were lost. And she was a little concerned. No we weren't lost at all. We just took the long way home was all.

That we did.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Dear Santa, Please Stop Here

Dear Santa,
please stop here.
We've filled our house
with Christmas Cheer.

It's crazy, the amount of Christmas excitement  in our house this year. It is the first year my eldest, truly understands the concept of Santa, and all that he brings. The joy, the "ho,ho,ho's", the bushy white beard, the presents. Telling any Santa that she sees, whether he be porcelain, blown up or sitting in a snow globe, her Christmas list. "Tutu for me, dog bone for Toby, white lap top for Mum, chocolate for Dad and toys for baby J".

It has really added an extra sparkle to our Christmas preperations this year. A desire to create our own Christmas traditions, and fun. To add festivity to all parts of our home.

Young children, truly do add meaning and excitement to all things Christmas.  And a desire to put more effort than usual into decorating your house (and cubby house), in readiness for Santa's arrival. So a little taste, from our home, of all that we are beginning to slowly collect, to be enjoyed for hopefully many Christmas's to come.

And while it has in no way hampered the festivities this year, a part of me just can't wait for our "forever" home. To bang nails in walls, doors and fireplaces, wherever I please, for all those wreathes and stockings, that are sadly having to languish in their storage boxes this year. Oh, and maybe one of those bushy, no doubt expensive, Christmas trees would be nice too. One year soon I'm sure!

Saturday, 14 December 2013


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Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Mummy Vacation

Me and my spirited daughters, on our flight home from Perth.

We recently had a short trip to Perth. My husband flew separately from us. His ticket was booked through his work, and when we went to book our tickets to join him on the same flight, well there were no cheap seats left. How convenient for him!

So, for the first time, I flew on my own with the two. Aside from my eldest daughters mild over interest in the toilet during the flight (we visited four times in the last hour of the flight, a little squishy with the three of us in there I might also add), it went surprisingly well. It was though, a little exhausting, making sure everybody's emotions were in check, that no tantrums were looming on the horizon. I declined on the coffee. On the red wine. For safety and potential stain reasons, at a time when I could have perhaps needed it most. Particularly the coffee.

The flight home was with my husband, and a half empty plane. Graciously, my husband suggested that I could sit in an aisle on my own at any time, if I wanted to have a break to myself for a bit. Sounded like an opportunity too good to refuse. Except for one small thing. Wherever I moved to, I had two little girls following me. Not really wanting or needing anything. Just wanting to see what I was doing. There went the hot coffee and red wine idea. 

Being a Mum just never stops. If I'm in sight, I'm going to be needed for something. You can run, but you can't hide, they will find you. Hiding in the toilet, in your own seperate aisle on the plane, in your walk in robe (where you might just run into your eldest daughter hiding anyway).

I have come to realize that taking a break for myself, means getting out of the house completely. And after nearly three years of such mini escapes, I can say with complete honesty, that going out for a coffee, breakfast, the occasional haircut, or doing the grocery shopping on my own  (yes I consider that a break for myself some days!!), well it doesn't quite cut it as a time to myself anymore. I need a little something more.

So I've started dreaming about a Mummy Vacation. A holiday, to do exactly as I please, when I please, with no thought to anybody but myself. Just for a change. In fact, I don't think I really need to do much talking on this holiday. I will happily sleep, dine, shop and read on my own. A chance to be completely selfish and indulgent all on my lonesome. And recharge my batteries.
It goes without saying, that of course I enjoy and love my girls (and their attention), and my family, very much. Just thought I should mention that part!
Have you been on a mummy vacation?
Where did you go?

Monday, 9 December 2013

Home Sweet Home??!!

Well after a whirlwind trip to Perth, we are now back in red dirt country. And with mixed feelings. There's nothing like the comforts of your own home, your own beds and all those little things that just make life easier and more pleasant, especially with little ones. But when all your belongings are in the middle of a red dirt nowhere, and with 40 plus degrees everyday, well, it can kind of take the shine of home.

We loved the sea breeze and mild temperatures that we had in Perth. The chance to enjoy more cultured things with one another. We didn't miss the heat, the sun that restricts when we're able to go outside, or the almost constant swatting of flies from your face when you do venture out. There's beauty in these parts, but living here, brings with it a more complicated view perhaps. One that certainly hit home, as soon as we landed and drove back into town.

What I am grateful for. That living here for two years, allows us to be together as a family. And is allowing me to enjoy those fleeting few years at home with the girls, before they start school and I return to work. And at heart, home is really more about the people you're with, not just where you find yourself and your belongings living (I'll keep reminding myself of that one!)

Can you spot our airport in this picture and the one below?

Plenty of hi-vis wearing men at this airport!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's the Little Things

There are many positives of living in this part of the world, and lots of new experiences to be had. But it's the little things that I've most enjoyed during our stay in Perth. 

Thumbing through books in an independent bookstore (much more enjoyable than buying online). Sharing gelato (I use that term lightly, as all I really was allowed was to lick the drips as they ran down the side of the cone). The abundance of new parks to visit with white, not pinky red sand. The sight of water, be it river, beach or small water park. Good coffee and Rudolph red nosed baby cinos (who barely lasted past this photo).


Holidaying with little ones can be exhausting stuff. Especially when you're trying to make the most of every little minute around middle of the day naps. I started off like a bull at a gate, but I exhausted us three. Tired and cranky kids, makes for tired grumpy me. So the week that started off as a sprint, ended at a snails pace. 

I didn't get to go to some places that I wanted (let's just say a screaming crying toddler who wants to go home NOW in the middle of the David Jones food hall, does not make me want to sit down and relax with sushi and a coffee). And I didn't get to see everybody who I would have liked too, which was disappointing. But I'm sure I'll find myself another reason to visit again soon.

Apologies for the small text, and different texts in the last few posts. Something has changed in my formatting since we've been in Perth (I'll blame the slowest internet reception at our apartment/hotel), and I haven't quite worked out how to fix it!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Day to Ourselves

A day to ourselves. To do a few errands (like pick up a snorkel for the bumpy car), and then one of those just see where the rest of the day takes us kind of days. 
First, a visit to our old stomping ground. A quick visit to those missed favourite places. Coffee, baby cinos and pastries at Fiorentina. A touch of shopping on Angove street. 

Happy faces. Chocolate faces. And lots of wows at all the beautiful things. Seems Miss A has forgotten all about our life before the red dirt move and Miss J, well she very much enjoyed her first taste of the "real" cafe scene.


Then in the afternoon after a nap, we had lunch by the river followed by a hop, skip, run and jump around the bell tower.


Some times the unplanned days, are the best days.

Oh yes, and this is me, getting my white on, as much as possible!!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Finds

With next to no shops for us in town, almost all of our Christmas shopping has been purchased online this year. So many shops, and suppliers, it can all get a little daunting trying to find that "perfect" gift, without spending too much. This year I've managed to find some lovely things, which I'm hoping will be loved. I've tried to purchase as many things as I can, that are handmade in Australia.
I love all things handmade, and I feel it's important to support smaller businesses at times like this in the year. Christmas is the most important time of the year for any small business. So if you're lucky enough to live surrounded by unique, small giftware stores, then support them and get shopping! Shops don't survive on your good comments alone, as you're browsing through.

If like me, you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, then here's my go to list, for shopping online this Christmas!

1} The Chevron necklace by miscii. This gorgeous necklace is handmade in Perth, WA, by the lovely Celeste. Thankyou to Karen from Yellow Dandy for bringing this lovely range of jewellery to my attention.

2 } The Sonny Angel Christmas Kewpie Doll from Candey Stripe Cloud. These are just gorgeous, and a deviation from both my handmade and made in Australia rule. But they were just too cute to leave out of my shopping cart. These aren't a gift, but will be added to our collection of Christmas Ornaments for home. I envisage these sitting on the mantle of my own fireplace one day!! Candey stripe cloud had sold out of these last I checked. But you can find them here (last I checked they had some in stock). Or you can buy the complete set of 12 from Beezer. Not all retailers sell them as a set of four. Most will sell them individually. They are actually more of a lucky dip type purchase, as each doll is boxed separately in blind, identical boxes, so there is no way to know which kewpie doll you are receiving. Until you open it. Candey Stripe Cloud predicts the design in each box by weight to ensure you receive four different designs.
3 } The Crochet slippers from White Noise Maker . I just love these. They have been sitting in my favourites list on Etsy for sometime, waiting for that right time and person to buy for. I purchased one as a gift, and one for me. Ooopsey.

4 } The Bunting necklace in mint and black. The sweetest of necklaces by Petite Deer. I particularly loved the multi coloured bunting necklace, but the mint and black suited my giftee better (so I hope anyway). I may or may not have purchased one of these for me too.....

5 } I have gifted this delightful cup from Rowemade before. So cheery for that first of too many cups of coffee throughout your day (or is that just me). They also have a great Dad cup too, that might just make it under our tree also.

6 } Easily one of my favourite stocking fillers this year, are these handcrafted chalks by The Chalk Chook. You can find them in various shapes and colours, hearts, stars, gingerbread men, princess fairies. There are so many to choose from, and they make a great alternative as a party favour for childrens birthday parties.

To my friends and family members, yes, your present may just be one of the above. But I won't be telling, you will have to wait for Christmas day!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Riverside Playdate

Oh Perth you are pretty.
And while I haven't missed you personally there are some things about you that I have missed.
Today's mild weather.
Your beautiful parks.
Your beautiful waterways.
And some of your people.

Muffins by the river with a good friend and her boys. The best way to spend a blissful morning x

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