Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Mummy Vacation

Me and my spirited daughters, on our flight home from Perth.

We recently had a short trip to Perth. My husband flew separately from us. His ticket was booked through his work, and when we went to book our tickets to join him on the same flight, well there were no cheap seats left. How convenient for him!

So, for the first time, I flew on my own with the two. Aside from my eldest daughters mild over interest in the toilet during the flight (we visited four times in the last hour of the flight, a little squishy with the three of us in there I might also add), it went surprisingly well. It was though, a little exhausting, making sure everybody's emotions were in check, that no tantrums were looming on the horizon. I declined on the coffee. On the red wine. For safety and potential stain reasons, at a time when I could have perhaps needed it most. Particularly the coffee.

The flight home was with my husband, and a half empty plane. Graciously, my husband suggested that I could sit in an aisle on my own at any time, if I wanted to have a break to myself for a bit. Sounded like an opportunity too good to refuse. Except for one small thing. Wherever I moved to, I had two little girls following me. Not really wanting or needing anything. Just wanting to see what I was doing. There went the hot coffee and red wine idea. 

Being a Mum just never stops. If I'm in sight, I'm going to be needed for something. You can run, but you can't hide, they will find you. Hiding in the toilet, in your own seperate aisle on the plane, in your walk in robe (where you might just run into your eldest daughter hiding anyway).

I have come to realize that taking a break for myself, means getting out of the house completely. And after nearly three years of such mini escapes, I can say with complete honesty, that going out for a coffee, breakfast, the occasional haircut, or doing the grocery shopping on my own  (yes I consider that a break for myself some days!!), well it doesn't quite cut it as a time to myself anymore. I need a little something more.

So I've started dreaming about a Mummy Vacation. A holiday, to do exactly as I please, when I please, with no thought to anybody but myself. Just for a change. In fact, I don't think I really need to do much talking on this holiday. I will happily sleep, dine, shop and read on my own. A chance to be completely selfish and indulgent all on my lonesome. And recharge my batteries.
It goes without saying, that of course I enjoy and love my girls (and their attention), and my family, very much. Just thought I should mention that part!
Have you been on a mummy vacation?
Where did you go?


  1. you have answered my Q about how you got to perth!
    Now let me preface this my saying: i am not a parent.
    But why not go on a mini-break to recharge your batteries and do what you want to do? You are a woman, a human with lots of interests - not just a mother! Surely it is important to remember all those parts of you? I know from seeing my friends it is difficult when children are so young, but they tell me it is important for them to remember to do the things that feed their souls, be it creative stuff like crafting or writing or reading or quilting, or perhaps active things like bike riding or yoga or ... whatever!
    So i think your mummy vacation sounds essential - and it certainly it doesn't mean you don't love your family (if your husband went on a fishing trip, would people say he's a bad father??), but it does mean you love you!
    But then ... I'm not a parent :-)

    1. Everything you say is very true Elaina! I find it's finding the time and energy to continue pursueing my own interests can often be the problem!
      But won't be like this forever I'm sure x

  2. Yes, do it! I did no such thing for five years and nearly went bonkers. For the last three years, once a year for two nights I have been away with some other mums.It is by no means enough but it is a start and can highly recommend it. We have been to the beach twice and this year we went to the jumpers and jazz festival in winter. Look forward to see where you escape to. mel x

    1. Sounds wonderful! And a great start to getting a little of your own time back to yourself!
      Thanks Mel x

  3. We don't have kids yet and so I have never been on a mummy vacation... but I just commented to say what a gorgeous photo!! You look so much like your little girls :) And I hope you get your mummy vacation. More and more I realise that time to yourself, spent doing exactly as you please, and not things for other people, is so important for wellbeing and happiness.

    1. Thankyou Maya, though I'm not sure if my husband would agree with you. He is convinced that they are mini versions of him. He's not at all biased! It's true, especially as a Mum, to look after yourself as much as you do others!

  4. yes, it's high demand 24/7 being a mom! it's lots and lots of work, all the time... but so rewarding and worth it on the other hand.

    i have also found that if you truly want to have a break you need to LEAVE THE HOUSE. or someone needs to take the kids out of the house for the day. i haven't really been on much of a mommy vacation at all since roman was born (he's 3 1/2). well, ryan and i have had two dinner dates, and one movie date. but, besides that, i think that's all!

    two dinner dates in almost 4 years.... oye.

    thanks for the kind comments on my blog. and yes, i do all of the illustrations of the food/recipes myself :)


    PS your girls are just so cute... they look like they're loving the plane ride!

    1. We are the same Amber. I can count the amount of times we've been out just the two of us, without the children, on one hand. Our last visit to an adult restaurant, we raved about the food to each other throughout the meal, got us wondering, was the food that good or my cooking that bad!!

  5. I've just popped over from 'A little bit Country' and after reading this first post i think i'll sit here for a while!
    You write with sincerity, humour and love....just what i love.
    Your girls are sweet and the colours of the outback in your pics just stunning, I love painting the outback, I have a 2 x 1.6m outback painting in my playroom....but my style has changed since.

    Your inflight story made me giggle. I remember flying home one year for Christmas and the same story (hubby got work flights earlier) so I had all 4 with me and one vomited the whole way. The joys!

    Wishing you and your family a blessed and restful Christmas
    Much Love
    Liv x

    1. Merry Christmas to you also Olivia.
      A vomiting child on a plane sounds just horrible.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, your painting sounds amazing.
      I love the colours in this part of the world!

  6. ...haha, just popped up to your "about" and discovered you're in the Pilbara. I've just read a book this week set right there. x


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