Monday, 16 December 2013

Dear Santa, Please Stop Here

Dear Santa,
please stop here.
We've filled our house
with Christmas Cheer.

It's crazy, the amount of Christmas excitement  in our house this year. It is the first year my eldest, truly understands the concept of Santa, and all that he brings. The joy, the "ho,ho,ho's", the bushy white beard, the presents. Telling any Santa that she sees, whether he be porcelain, blown up or sitting in a snow globe, her Christmas list. "Tutu for me, dog bone for Toby, white lap top for Mum, chocolate for Dad and toys for baby J".

It has really added an extra sparkle to our Christmas preperations this year. A desire to create our own Christmas traditions, and fun. To add festivity to all parts of our home.

Young children, truly do add meaning and excitement to all things Christmas.  And a desire to put more effort than usual into decorating your house (and cubby house), in readiness for Santa's arrival. So a little taste, from our home, of all that we are beginning to slowly collect, to be enjoyed for hopefully many Christmas's to come.

And while it has in no way hampered the festivities this year, a part of me just can't wait for our "forever" home. To bang nails in walls, doors and fireplaces, wherever I please, for all those wreathes and stockings, that are sadly having to languish in their storage boxes this year. Oh, and maybe one of those bushy, no doubt expensive, Christmas trees would be nice too. One year soon I'm sure!


  1. It looks very warm and cheery! Gee I love Christmas :) And I would also love a lovely bushy pine tree like in the movies...making do with Christmas bush this year xx

    1. Thank goodness for tinsel. Spruces up any old tree doesn't it?!!


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