Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Yellow Wedding Day { Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary }

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. Looking back through the wedding photos it feels like a small lifetime ago. A wedding can really capture a couple sometimes. A moment in time, where you're both looking your best. Toned, tanned, not sleep deprived and wearing the best dress that you will possibly ever get the chance to wear in your lifetime. As much as I love our life, and our family now, a part of me feels quite nostalgic about how we were back then. Life was certainly more simple when there was only two of us to worry about.

We rarely look through our wedding photos. Of which there are a ridiculous amount. But I do always find myself glancing through our album on our anniversary. It was one of the most magical days that we have shared together as a couple. And one of the most special, alongside having our daughters. It wasn't a perfect wedding. There were a few hitches, some family dramas, missing boutonnieres. But in the end, none of it mattered. Then or now. 

What did matter to us. That so many of our friends and family made the effort to be a part of our day and share it with us. Particularly since we were living in Perth, I had lived and still had friends in Melbourne, and on top of that we were getting married in Tasmania. With all our important people scattered all around the country, it was indescribably special to have them all in the same place, at the same time. And for us.

Who knew how much thought and time it took to plan a wedding? Certainly not me. Particularly when all I'd really wanted was a little garden wedding, morning ceremony and lunch/brunch reception at the local surf club overlooking the beach. No speeches. No formality beyond the "I do's." No first dance in front of everybody. All of that isn't me. I didn't want to be the centre of attention in a big wedding. But, the big wedding was what my husband really, really wanted. That and a cupcake wedding cake. And in the end, he really, really wanted it, more than I really didn't want it. So the big wedding and the cupcake wedding cake it was. With as many compromises on all that formality as I could sneak in.

It should come as no surprise, that the girl with the yellow heart, might have had yellow as her colour of choice for her wedding day. I toyed with other colours, but in the end there was just no other colour I really wanted. And so I dressed my oldest friend, my best friend and my half-sister, all pale skinned and dark haired, in a colour not ideally suited to any of their complexions.

We married at Mum's house, in her garden. Built by our family in the early 1900's. Mum had an arbour already set in the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony (not sure what she had been planning all those years ago). Followed by a dinner reception. The weather was perfect, the beach looked stunning. Mum's garden, after all her hard work, looked amazing. We were very blessed to have the day that we did. And I managed to find, and surprise my husband with the VW split screen kombi that was his dream wedding car. 


My last check in the mirror before the ceremony. I love this photo because I wasn't aware that my Great Great Grandfather who built this house, is watching over me in the photo.

And my tips for you, if you happen to be in the midst of planning a wedding.

Choose your wedding photographer wisely, they're worth spending money on. Don't get caught up in all the small details, your wedding doesn't have to be styled like one out of a wedding magazine (seriously those wedding magazines and pinterest have a lot to answer for in regards to bridal stress ). Choose your bridal party carefully, it's your big day, but it won't change a persons behaviour or feelings about your wife to be! In the name of honesty, (which I feel is important considering that I have included a photo of the bridal party), while my bridesmaids are still an important people in my life, the same can't be said for my husband's groomsmen. It wasn't peachey perfect on the day. And it isn't now. That's life. Which leads me to my next tip, don't let any issues, family or otherwise, stop you from enjoying your day (and your married life!) Relax and have fun. More than anything, I wish I had been more composed and relaxed, particularly during the big moments like the ceremony. My knees were literally knocking.

If you're planning a yellow wedding, I hope I have given you a little inspiration. 

Happiest of anniversaries to my husband. In you, I have always found someone who has loved, supported and accepted me for who I am. For better or worse. For that I will always be grateful.
Love you x

And now to the important questions.
Isn't yellow so happy?! and
Does anybody know anyone selling a split screen VW kombi?
We're in the market for one for Sunday drives after living here.
A much nicer drive than any 4WD!!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

' Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild"

No, neither of my daughters are called Harriet. But they do occasionally, drive me a little wild. "Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild" is the title of my favourite children's book at the moment. And it's by the lovely Mem Fox.


As a reader of children's books, it is entirely appropriate as a parent to have your own favourite book (in my opinion). The one you hope they might pick. Or that you might suggest to read at bedtime. And this is it for me. Not because I'm driven wild every day, but because I just love the sentiment of this story.

Everbody has one of those days. Where your cajoling voice starts with a patient tone in the morning, and ends with an almighty bang. Say around 4.30-5 in the afternoon. Those days, where you've repeated yourself one too many times. Where somebody broke something special in the house. You've stepped on toys and had to pack away toys more often than you care to remember. Or you've served up food to a toddler who declares without even having tried a mouthful, that she would "never ever, EVER eat this," (yes she's a Charlie and Lola devotee). And promptly refuses to take a bite. Of anything.

And on days like that, where I really wish I hadn't gone and yelled, I turn to this book. It makes me feel good about myself again. Because nobody ever means to, or wants to yell. And of course, nobody, Harriet included, can be perfect, and on their best behaviour all of the time. It happens to all of us. Even the most patient, and the most well behaved. This book, is like a big warm hug to myself, as well as my daughter. A reminder, that I'm doing my best. That I'm a good Mum. And my best is more than good enough. Even with the occasional stormy moment.

Have you found a children's book that really resonates with you?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Stuart's Pool { The Bumpiest Ride Yet? }

I love a weekend where we get the chance to do a little road trip and sightseeing. It's a long day. And it always makes for a quiet catch up nap day on Mondays, but they are worth it. Everytime.

Our trip to Stuart's Pool, was one of the rockiest and bumpiest rides that we've done so far. Ungraded roads (read lots of bumps, holes in ground), steep hills up, steep hills down. We really tested out our little bumpy car, and maybe our daughters in the back seat too. Really, a car needs a lift kit to be able to drive over such surfaces, with more ease, and less risk. And ours doesn't have that.

Does it sound like I know what I'm talking about? Well I really don't at all. But I will say, in the short time that we've been up here, that my husband is 4WD'ing like he knows what he's doing. And I'm mildly impressed with his newfound driving skills. Though it does help, when travelling on such bumpy roads, to do so with someone in the know. Insert Mark. Who knows what he's doing. Or at least more than we do. Which isn't hard at all.

We were given some friendly advice from a driver by on his return back from the pool. The road ahead was very uneven. And with our cars, it might be best for us to first walk the bumpiest parts of  the track, decide where to place ours tires before we start driving. And he was right.

So there was lots of this.

And that.

Checking of depths.

Checking of tracks before we ventured up.

Or down.

Before finally finding ourselves at Stuart's Pool.

These drives are always scenic. In fact, the drive is one of my favourite parts of the trip. I don't 4WD, so I can really take in the vast, undulating landscape that is this country. There are times being up here where I just can't stand living up here another day. Particularly with all the hot weather. But trips like this, always remind me, how lucky we are to live here and be able to enjoy this part of the country.

Have the chance to get out and explore somewhere new on the weekend?

Hope this post hasn't been too 4WD'ey. It wasn't meant to be!!!
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