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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

' Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild"

No, neither of my daughters are called Harriet. But they do occasionally, drive me a little wild. "Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild" is the title of my favourite children's book at the moment. And it's by the lovely Mem Fox.


As a reader of children's books, it is entirely appropriate as a parent to have your own favourite book (in my opinion). The one you hope they might pick. Or that you might suggest to read at bedtime. And this is it for me. Not because I'm driven wild every day, but because I just love the sentiment of this story.

Everbody has one of those days. Where your cajoling voice starts with a patient tone in the morning, and ends with an almighty bang. Say around 4.30-5 in the afternoon. Those days, where you've repeated yourself one too many times. Where somebody broke something special in the house. You've stepped on toys and had to pack away toys more often than you care to remember. Or you've served up food to a toddler who declares without even having tried a mouthful, that she would "never ever, EVER eat this," (yes she's a Charlie and Lola devotee). And promptly refuses to take a bite. Of anything.

And on days like that, where I really wish I hadn't gone and yelled, I turn to this book. It makes me feel good about myself again. Because nobody ever means to, or wants to yell. And of course, nobody, Harriet included, can be perfect, and on their best behaviour all of the time. It happens to all of us. Even the most patient, and the most well behaved. This book, is like a big warm hug to myself, as well as my daughter. A reminder, that I'm doing my best. That I'm a good Mum. And my best is more than good enough. Even with the occasional stormy moment.

Have you found a children's book that really resonates with you?
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