Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas day is almost upon us. Funny how it takes so long to actually get to this day. Yet creeps up on you all of a sudden also. Two batches of rumballs made and eaten (considering on whether to make a third), shortbread and Christmas truffles made, also all eaten. Funny how little nibbles such as these, slowly disappear in the lead up to Christmas Day. Though nobody seems to have eaten them. We must have a Christmas mouse in our house.

The Kailis bro's fish truck on it's last stop in town before Christmas. Fresh fish and seafood delivered to us. Four and a half hours away from the coast. The prawns were popular today. But I just can't do kilos of prawns in one sitting.
Our choice today, blue emperor fillets, to be served with some steamed greens. Something light in between a champagne breakfast at a friends house, and a traditional Christmas dinner at anothers later in the day. My share of the Christmas cooking this year is light. A fruit salad to add to the table at breakfast, and a tray of roast vegetables for dinner. I think I can manage that.

I haven't spent many Christmas's away from my extended family interstate. As family members grow older, it is always a sobering thought. A reminder to cherish our time and memories, with those who are nearest and dearest to us. Life passes by too quickly. Even myself, in my early 30's, feel a great sadness when I remember the loved ones who are not with us at times like these. I often wonder, how my Grandparents feel on family occasions such as these. So many important people in their lives, passed on, but still deeply remembered. Sometimes, characters, are too big to forget, the love too strong, for things to ever feel the same way without their presence.

Which is why little faces like these, bring so much joy, hope and meaning to Christmas.
Little Miss J, too busy in her own imagination to be able to look at the camera for photos anymore.


Wishing you all the merriest of Christmas's. May you be surrounded by loved ones and happiness. And for those that will celebrate Christmas on their own this year, I send to you my warmest biggest hug also.

Thankyou, for all your lovely comments in the past five months. I appreciate every single one of them and am truly grateful for all your support and interest in my space on the internet world xx



  1. Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family, Carla. I am looking forward to get to know you all better in the new year. Christina x

    1. Thank you Christina. Yourself and your blog too. Merry christmas to you x


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