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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Rains are 'Ere

The hot weather has really arrived now. But so has the wet season. And with it, marvellous storms and downpours. Despite the stifling heat, I am actually (surprisingly), enjoying this time of the year. The contrast in the weather on stormy days is truly beautiful. Worthy of a cup of tea, and a sit down, to watch and enjoy.

Stormy weather comes on so quickly. It floods our yard, almost immediately. Rivers go from dry to flowing overnight. Only to disappear again just as quickly with the heat. The road trip down Fortescue River, that we did only recently, wouldn't be quite possible anymore. You certainly would not want to find yourself, camped on the river, if a storm came on suddenly.

Flowing water is a novelty up here. People head to the river, to see if it's full, flowing. And make random trips to find their own little spot to swim and relax by the water. Sometimes it doesn't always go so quite to plan!

Not quite the beachy blue sea we have been used to, but beautiful in it's own way!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Drive Down the Fortescue River { The Wrong Way }

Our bumpy car has been on a hiatus. Too hot to be taken out on the road for any type of adventure, it has languished in the drive. Taken out only for the occasional small trip around town. Not quite what it is meant for.

A spontaneous call over the weekend, ended all that. And took us on a drive in the wrong direction (further away from civilisation than we intended) down the Fortescue River.

A mostly dry and sandy riverbed made for surprising fun. We took the mountainous way to reach the river, which was typically scenic and stunning. A reminder that despite the mundane of town, that we are lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery. And to also have this opportunity to live here, and be able to enjoy and do things that we would never have experienced otherwise. This, is partly what we moved here for. An adventure. Albeit a red one.

A love heart in the sky! ( Please excuse the dirty windscreen! )
The wet season has arrived here, and while nowhere near enough rain to fill the river, small waterholes have formed in and along the riverbeds. A perfect spot to enjoy the peace, rest and wet the feet. Or if you're young enough to still get away with running around nudie rudie style, then you can cool yourself off completely.

Driving onto the riverbed.

The smiley faced man who may, or may not have wanted to go left.

Without a road sign in sight, and the evening approaching faster than we realised, it was time to make a decision. Do we go left or do we go right down the river, back to the Great Northern Highway and home. We took the left, a scenic drive yes, but the wrong choice. One which we realised after a good while. A U-turn. And then a faster drive home than the one we made to arrive at our afternoon waterhole. It all left the car a little quiet. It was a rather fast and bumpy drive. Nobody wants to 4WD in the dark. Or get bogged.

Funny how a toddler can pick up on everything left unsaid. The mood of the car told her that we were lost. And she was a little concerned. No we weren't lost at all. We just took the long way home was all.

That we did.

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