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Monday, 9 December 2013

Home Sweet Home??!!

Well after a whirlwind trip to Perth, we are now back in red dirt country. And with mixed feelings. There's nothing like the comforts of your own home, your own beds and all those little things that just make life easier and more pleasant, especially with little ones. But when all your belongings are in the middle of a red dirt nowhere, and with 40 plus degrees everyday, well, it can kind of take the shine of home.

We loved the sea breeze and mild temperatures that we had in Perth. The chance to enjoy more cultured things with one another. We didn't miss the heat, the sun that restricts when we're able to go outside, or the almost constant swatting of flies from your face when you do venture out. There's beauty in these parts, but living here, brings with it a more complicated view perhaps. One that certainly hit home, as soon as we landed and drove back into town.

What I am grateful for. That living here for two years, allows us to be together as a family. And is allowing me to enjoy those fleeting few years at home with the girls, before they start school and I return to work. And at heart, home is really more about the people you're with, not just where you find yourself and your belongings living (I'll keep reminding myself of that one!)

Can you spot our airport in this picture and the one below?

Plenty of hi-vis wearing men at this airport!

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