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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Finds

With next to no shops for us in town, almost all of our Christmas shopping has been purchased online this year. So many shops, and suppliers, it can all get a little daunting trying to find that "perfect" gift, without spending too much. This year I've managed to find some lovely things, which I'm hoping will be loved. I've tried to purchase as many things as I can, that are handmade in Australia.
I love all things handmade, and I feel it's important to support smaller businesses at times like this in the year. Christmas is the most important time of the year for any small business. So if you're lucky enough to live surrounded by unique, small giftware stores, then support them and get shopping! Shops don't survive on your good comments alone, as you're browsing through.

If like me, you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, then here's my go to list, for shopping online this Christmas!

1} The Chevron necklace by miscii. This gorgeous necklace is handmade in Perth, WA, by the lovely Celeste. Thankyou to Karen from Yellow Dandy for bringing this lovely range of jewellery to my attention.

2 } The Sonny Angel Christmas Kewpie Doll from Candey Stripe Cloud. These are just gorgeous, and a deviation from both my handmade and made in Australia rule. But they were just too cute to leave out of my shopping cart. These aren't a gift, but will be added to our collection of Christmas Ornaments for home. I envisage these sitting on the mantle of my own fireplace one day!! Candey stripe cloud had sold out of these last I checked. But you can find them here (last I checked they had some in stock). Or you can buy the complete set of 12 from Beezer. Not all retailers sell them as a set of four. Most will sell them individually. They are actually more of a lucky dip type purchase, as each doll is boxed separately in blind, identical boxes, so there is no way to know which kewpie doll you are receiving. Until you open it. Candey Stripe Cloud predicts the design in each box by weight to ensure you receive four different designs.
3 } The Crochet slippers from White Noise Maker . I just love these. They have been sitting in my favourites list on Etsy for sometime, waiting for that right time and person to buy for. I purchased one as a gift, and one for me. Ooopsey.

4 } The Bunting necklace in mint and black. The sweetest of necklaces by Petite Deer. I particularly loved the multi coloured bunting necklace, but the mint and black suited my giftee better (so I hope anyway). I may or may not have purchased one of these for me too.....

5 } I have gifted this delightful cup from Rowemade before. So cheery for that first of too many cups of coffee throughout your day (or is that just me). They also have a great Dad cup too, that might just make it under our tree also.

6 } Easily one of my favourite stocking fillers this year, are these handcrafted chalks by The Chalk Chook. You can find them in various shapes and colours, hearts, stars, gingerbread men, princess fairies. There are so many to choose from, and they make a great alternative as a party favour for childrens birthday parties.

To my friends and family members, yes, your present may just be one of the above. But I won't be telling, you will have to wait for Christmas day!

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