Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ring-a-Ring o' Roses { Mum's House ]

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

Such lovely weather. It has meant lots of time spent out in Mum's garden. And the girls couldn't be happier.

With such hot weather in the Pilbara at the moment, we often find ourselves cooped up inside longer than we'd like to be. So we are really trying to make the most of every part of our holiday. Especially now that we're feeling a little healthier.

Ring-a-ring o'roses, and at as quick a speed as their little feet can manage. Their new favourite thing to do.

I can't help but love those small moments in the day, where the girls make their own fun together. It happens only occasionally. But when it does, it is so joyful. The spontaneous laughter. The girlish silliness.

At times like these, I can't help but feel secretly quite pleased to be Mummy to two beautiful little girls.


  1. Is it ok to say I have serious girl envy looking at your gorgeous two? The little tights and skirts, the giggling I can hear through the gorgeous pic.... yup my ovaries are gonna explode :) xx

    1. little girls definetly do that to you!!

  2. Looks like fun, I hope you joined in mum...and got so dizzy you fell about the ground laughing!!

  3. love the vivid green and pink of those photos. send some green down here to hobart - we are rapidly turning beige with the hot dry weather :-)


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