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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Trip To The Beach { Opthalmia Dam }

Well this is obviously no Whitsunday Island. No white sand. No clear blue waters.

Just red dirt. 45 degree temperatures and a whole lot of water after all the rain we've had recently. To locals here, this is our beach. 

Let's just say, even with the hot temperatures, that I wasn't keen to pull out the bikinis, sunbake and go for a swim. In anyway. But it was a refreshing paddle, wet your toes, nonetheless. 

And the girls loved it. Which really is all it's about anyway.

Before moving here, you would have never seen me in such a place. Let alone catch me dipping my toes into water quite so dirty looking (let me just say it's not actually dirty, it's just stained red). Funny what 7 months of living in the Pilbara can find you doing. And being totally comfortable with!

A box of tissues and endless fun.

Toby, overseeing our drive home.

Happy summer beach days x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

To the Beach

An afternoon at the beach.
There's nothing quite like it.
Carefree, sunny weather.
Beautiful daughters. Full of fun.
Completely occupied. Playing in the sand. Eating the sand. Splashing in the shallows. Collecting shells.
I've lived near the ocean all of my life.
For the first time. I find myself in a place, five hours drive from the nearest shore.
And appreciating, for the first time, just how much the smell, sound and spirit of the ocean, soothes my soul.
It must be that Sagittarian fire in me. That craves the cool of the water. Or something.
Until our next dip.

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