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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Book Club

As you may or may not know by now I am a huge reader of books. And I love to own them not borrow them. In the beginning I started of a slow reader, needing extra help and encouragement at home to learn how to read.

But by fifth grade I was a devourer of books. Reading all the books worth reading in our primary school library, and forging a librarian's pet relationship with Mrs West our school librarian in the process. Mrs West set aside all the new books that she knew I would enjoy, letting me read them new before anybody else's little hands were all over them. I'd read them quickly, and then they would be returned to the library for the rest of the school population to trash and doggy ear. Perhaps it's this start to reading that I can blame for my ongoing "need" to read and own a book in new condition over library borrowed.

However, over the last three years there has been a sharp decline in the amount of books that I read. First I was Mum to one, then to two and now this blog. It has left me with very little spare time to read books. But this year I wanted to make a small goal, to be a little more committed to reading, actually making time for it, rather than just waiting for the free time to appear. Which it never does. And that's when my good friend Meegan suggested something I'd been considering doing for sometime myself (but never felt brave enough to do), starting a book club of her own.

I get the sense that this is going to be the kind of book club that I've often wanted to join. I love books. I love a heavy bit of literature. But I don't need any chapter breakdowns, over analysis of plot lines and characters or discussion of symbolism and pulling apart of paragraphs. Hell I don't even know what I am talking about, that was all the way back in pre-tertairy English. And I've left all of that there.

Now I want to read a book and say I either enjoyed it or I didn't and for those reasons to be simple and straightforward. Which is why I think this book club and our monthly meetings are going to be a perfect way for me to have to read a book in a certain space of time. Relaxed. Over a few wines. And look I'm clearly not going to go hungry at these catch ups either, particularly with my tendency to over nibble.


Our book this month is Five Quarters of The Orange by Joanne Harris. Most known for her earlier novel Chocolat, which was later made into a movie. And yes I bought the book despite the library being able to get numerous copies in for all us.

Ever been part of a book club?
Was it a casual drinking wine type affair or all wordy and studious?
Read Five Quarters of The Orange?

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