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Friday, 11 April 2014

How much of Australia Have You Seen? { My Bucket List }

The latest Australian Traveller Magazine. Have you read it?

If your answer is no, than you must. A special collector's edition featuring the 100 greatest holidays in Australia. It is an inspiring and great read. Bound to give you the travel bug and have you wondering why you bothered going to Bali all those times for holidays and not somewhere in your own country.

How ridiculous is it that I've seen so little of Australia. Of my own country. My own backyard. I've visited and travelled the streets of more Asian and European cities than I have those in Australia. Ridiculous I tell you!

Living here in the Pilbara has shown me how little I know of my own country. How under appreciated it was in my own mind and how spoilt we are to live in such a beautiful country with such varied scenery. We have more stunning coastlines, mountain ranges and food regions than we can ever possibly realise and here we all are rushing off to Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the like.

For me having small children has really changed my opinion about travel to some of the more often travelled to countries that we as Australians tend to frequent. Sure it's more expensive to travel in Australia, but at least the water is safe to drink, you can eat the food from any vendor without question and you don't have to worry about the quality of healthcare if heaven forbid you or one of your children happen to fall ill.

Reading this issue of Australian Traveller has reaffirmed my growing commitment to travel and see Australia as much as we are able over the next few years. My list of places to go after reading through the 100 greatest holidays of Australia is long. Too long to list here. But the top of my bucket list, well it looks a little like this.

Lord Howe Island
Adelaide and the Barossa/Clare Valleys
The Bungle Bungles
The Ningaloo Reef Area
Byron Bay
Strahan and the Gordon River
Road trip the Pacific Coast from Sydney to Brisbane
Do the Gibb River Road from Broome to the Kimberley
Spend a long weekend in Daylesford
Visit the Greater Blue Mountains area
Swim in Wineglass Bay

Been to any of these places?
Love them?
Have somewhere else on your bucket list that you think deserves to be on mine?

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