Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fortescue Festival Weekend

For us, this weekend has been a long one. Today being a public holiday, but only for our town. It was Festival weekend. It is a big deal here. Speedway, jetsprints, the ball, and a fair/show.
All things cars and boats don't excite me too much, but we ventured to the fair on Sunday.
It was your usual type show fare. Dagwood dogs, bumper cars, showbags, animal farms and the like.
In a way, this weekend didn't live up to the hype for me. I was a little disappointed with it all. We do appreciate though, having something different happening in town. And like most things here, it is what you make of it. So, we pottered and taste tested our way through the many foodie stalls and met some friendly characters.
We've found so many small food providers and vans, who travel and sell their products down South in the Margaret River area during the Summer time. But who travel to the Pilbara and Kimberley for the Winter months. Following festivals and fairs, to make a living while also holidaying and enjoying the best of both climates in WA. 
To end the long weekend, and make the most of the beautiful weather. We took a picnic lunch to our local dam. A short trip in the bumpy car. We ran into friends, also escaping the quiet of town.
My youngest just loves the feel of the red dirt in her fingers and toes.
Have I mentioned just how much more washing I need to do now we're living here. I love our small adventures out, but the red dirt gets into everything.

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