Monday, 26 August 2013

Radio Hill Lookout

The weather here is just beautiful at the moment. Everyday being in the mid to high 20's.
It is easy to forget, that for almost everywhere else in Australia, it is Winter, and colds, sniffles and ear infections are order of the day.
While the weather remains mild, we make the most of it, getting outside as much as possible. Before we know it, everyday will be spent hiding inside with the aircondioner on, avoiding any small trip outside.
Trips to Radio Hill Lookout for an early dinner have become a family favourite thing to do. From here, up out of the mundaneness that this town can be, we can really appreciate the beauty of our surrounds. And enjoy it for what it is.

After dinner, my eldest daughter, with her new enthusiasm for the outdoors, enjoys slowly walking down the side of the lookout to the bottom. A small track, quite steep in places, that winds through deep red rocks. It is a bit like our own version of Perth's Jacobs ladder to some people in town, who go up and down as many times as they can manage.
The view from the top, is certainly worth the muscle pain and breathlessness.

My daughter and I are a tiny dot, on the path in the above photo. Making our way down to my husband waiting in the car.


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