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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Six Months of Blogging { and a GIVEAWAY } CLOSED

The turtle
only makes progress
when it's neck
is stuck out 
- Rollo May -

Six months of blogging and 63 posts later. Who'd have thought. Certainly not me.

When I started my blog with My Red Adventure back in August, I really wasn't sure what I was doing. I had played around with the idea of a blog for awhile, but was too hesitant and self conscious about putting myself out there, to ever go through with any of my ideas. And so it had remained simply that. An idea.

And then we moved to the middle of nowhere to be together as a family. And it just felt right. My early to bed husband, and my night owl self, left me with a couple of hours every evening, twiddling my thumbs....and wanting to start writing again.

I have loved so much about starting my own blog. It is, if nothing else, easily the best diary I've ever kept. It has given me a new creative outlook on my day, and the opportunity to notice more of the little day to days of life, which can be so easily lost amidst the tantrums, mess and noise that is a life with 2 toddlers.

This blog has allowed me to focus on all the good things that exist in my life. And during those times where I've asked myself,  "What the hell am I doing living in the middle of nowhere for?", it has made me look to the positives that surround our choice to live here. Kept my head out of living in this town. And kept me a little closer to happy.

So, thank you to everyone who reads and has supported my blog with your lovely comments. I'm truly flattered that you take an interest (whatever your reasons may be for doing so) in my little place on the web. And to those good friends and family, who have unwaveringly supported, liked and commented on my every Facebook post, big hugs and thank you to you also. You made me feel a little less self-conscious about what I had started here.

So a little giveaway to say thank you to the lovely small group of friends, family and followers I have slowly gathered. I love a good Etsy find, hope you like this one as much I do!!

A French knitted and hand knotted woollen necklace from Stuffed Nonsense.

To enter via Facebook please
1: like my yellow heart's Facebook page
2: comment below the original link to let me know you've entered

And you can also comment below this post for an additional entry.

Winner to be announced on the evening of 12th February.

Good luck!! x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Handmade Christmas Giveaway { Closed }

It's funny how the older you get, the more appealing handmade things become to you. I remember childhoods of asking Mum to buy us tomato sauce, biscuits, bread and cakes from the supermarket. All the packet foods were way more appealing than all of our homemade stuff. And nobody ever wanted to swap recess with me at school. But, looking back, I realise how lucky I was, in so many ways, to have that diet while growing up.

Now, I love all the homemade things. Food, jams, sauces, craft. Watch out church markets and the old ladies in the back selling all their best recipes. I will make a beeline for your stall and buy up big. But now that I have my own children, I truly appreciate the value and importance of homemade things. Especially, for family occasions such as Christmas.

Growing up, both my Mum and Nanna sewed, cross-stitched, quilted. And in the process, created many special items throughout our childhood, that are still just as special, and still used today. Our Christmas stockings being one of them. All handmade, and hung by the fire every year. Whether we're at home for Christmas or not. First filled with lollies, small toys and gold chocolate coins when we were younger. Then as we were that bit older, filled with a small envelope containing a little bit of money. 

Nowadays, with the big department stores selling items for $4 and other ridiculously low prices, it's easy to go overboard with all things Christmas. You could have a different stocking or Santa bag every year if you wanted. And you might just need to, as low prices tend to come hand in hand with poor quality. But I can't help but wonder, where's the family tradition and sentimentality in that. While my stocking might be a little daggy in comparison to some of the new styles selling now, it is more special to me, then anything I could replace it with.

This year, my daughters, were lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful Christmas stocking each. From a lovely friend of mine at Love Roy. Handmade and personalised, just for them. To celebrate the start of all things Christmas, she has kindly made me two more to offer as a giveaway today.

Made with the same material as the stockings above, but personalised with your own choice of names. Each stocking is worth $40.

To enter, you can either 
1 } comment here on my blog, or,
2 } like my page on Facebook and also comment below the image, so that I know you have entered.
3 } Or do both, and double your chances at winning.
The winner to be drawn on the evening of Wednesday 27th November.

If you live outside of Australia, I'm more than happy to still post to you. And if you are unlucky enough not to win, but are still interested in owning one, than you can ask very nicely here. The stockings are made to order at this stage only, due to the time, effort and material involved.

Good luck!

Monday, 21 October 2013

A little Giveaway { Closed }

This year I am organised for Christmas. Santa Claus can put down the credit card now.
With my only option being online shopping, I made sure I shopped with a list. Both girls, are notoriously well looked after in the gift department at any given time. But there is something about the sweetness (mostly) of daughters, that always makes you feel that you need to buy them just that little something else.

That would be me and childrens books. I just can't help myself when it comes to buying books for the girls. Childrens books are just the loveliest of things. Their innocence captures me everytime. As do the illustrations. We buy. We borrow from the library. And I never quite tire from them.

I started this blog with relatively strong feelings of embarrassment, and well, awkwardness. Which still exists. I still haven't shared the existence of this blog with people that I've met while living in this part of the world. A blog, just feels so, self-promontional. Which isn't really me. So as a little thankyou for reading my blog. And for all your support, lovely messages and encouragement, a small giveaway. Two childrens books that I'm currently in love with. One set aside for Christmas. One that we already read and enjoy. I'm sorry if you are the Mum of boys. Both of these books are a little girly. But they'd make a great present for somebody else I'm sure!

Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp.
The charming story of an adorable little hare who lives in a colourful caravan with her grandmother. The story and the illustrations are just gorgeous, and so heart warming. And Ruby's vegetable garden, is just amazing. Mine, falls dismally short of hers. I can't wait for Santa to deliver this book for Christmas.

Grace has a Secret by Prudence Holling and Phillipa Ray.
I have blogged about this book here. This book has such a lovely storyline and simple message, about a little girl with a big heart, who tries to change the world through a simple act of kindness. It is also illustrated by the lovely and talented Liz Braid, who designed the header for my blog.

To enter, please like my page on facebook (if you don't already), and share this post on your page. Please comment 'shared', so that I can put your name into the draw. Or you can comment below on my blog page, leaving your email address, so that I can contact you. The winner will be chosen on Thursday night (Pilbara time.) Thanks for reading and good luck!

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