Monday, 21 October 2013

A little Giveaway { Closed }

This year I am organised for Christmas. Santa Claus can put down the credit card now.
With my only option being online shopping, I made sure I shopped with a list. Both girls, are notoriously well looked after in the gift department at any given time. But there is something about the sweetness (mostly) of daughters, that always makes you feel that you need to buy them just that little something else.

That would be me and childrens books. I just can't help myself when it comes to buying books for the girls. Childrens books are just the loveliest of things. Their innocence captures me everytime. As do the illustrations. We buy. We borrow from the library. And I never quite tire from them.

I started this blog with relatively strong feelings of embarrassment, and well, awkwardness. Which still exists. I still haven't shared the existence of this blog with people that I've met while living in this part of the world. A blog, just feels so, self-promontional. Which isn't really me. So as a little thankyou for reading my blog. And for all your support, lovely messages and encouragement, a small giveaway. Two childrens books that I'm currently in love with. One set aside for Christmas. One that we already read and enjoy. I'm sorry if you are the Mum of boys. Both of these books are a little girly. But they'd make a great present for somebody else I'm sure!

Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp.
The charming story of an adorable little hare who lives in a colourful caravan with her grandmother. The story and the illustrations are just gorgeous, and so heart warming. And Ruby's vegetable garden, is just amazing. Mine, falls dismally short of hers. I can't wait for Santa to deliver this book for Christmas.

Grace has a Secret by Prudence Holling and Phillipa Ray.
I have blogged about this book here. This book has such a lovely storyline and simple message, about a little girl with a big heart, who tries to change the world through a simple act of kindness. It is also illustrated by the lovely and talented Liz Braid, who designed the header for my blog.

To enter, please like my page on facebook (if you don't already), and share this post on your page. Please comment 'shared', so that I can put your name into the draw. Or you can comment below on my blog page, leaving your email address, so that I can contact you. The winner will be chosen on Thursday night (Pilbara time.) Thanks for reading and good luck!

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