Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Vegetable Garden { An Update }

Six weeks ago, we planted our first vegetable garden.
We have tomatoes growing and those inconsistent and devilish parsley seedlings, have been to hell and back two, three , seven or nine times (depending on your source), and finally sprouted also.
Instead of being a chore, we have really enjoyed caring for, and watching the garden grow. Twice daily watering, and a little weeding is all it has needed from us so far. Too early, to claim that I have a green thumb. But time passed enough, to at least claim that I am a willing and eager grower. Attentive, if nothing else.
There's not a tomato, slowly ripening, that we don't know about. Or a seedling, that we're not patiently waiting for. It has been a peaceful distraction, in an otherwise, toddler busy backyard.


Excuse the weeds please. They're gone now!

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