Sunday, 6 October 2013

An Illustration

After a little bit of effort. I finally came across the lovely Liz Braid. Illustrator extraordinaire, who has created a beautiful, watercolour design for my blog header. Liz, is also the illustrator from one of our current favourite childrens books, Grace has a Secret. You can read my blog about this lovely book here.
Thanks to Liz, for all her efforts, back and forth emails and general patience with me. I'm still learning how to customise and use my blog. I can see, it being an ongoing journey of tweaking this and that for me.
I'm not sure how professional this blog will be. But I'm enjoying writing again, and having people read about our life up here. If nothing else, it's nice to have a beautiful design, so I at least feel the part!
It doesn't take much guessing to know, who the lovely two little lasses are skipping along. The two littlest big parts of my world. Hope you like it, as much I do.
Thanks Liz.

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