Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Dirty Crawler

My little one, is growing up so quickly. No longer just crawling, she is now pulling herself up on everything that her little arms can reach, and trying to walk. Just like her big sister.
I couldn't wait for her to start crawling. Our eldest skipped this stage, almost completely. But the reality of crawling, in this part of the world, is just tiring. Constant red dirt knees. Red dirt hand prints that spread first all over your clothes, then all over your floor, before they reach all of your walls. My house isn't spotless, but I still feel like I'm cleaning all the time. And stain removing.

We had a relaxed afternoon today, spent in the backyard, with no concern for the red dirt all over ourselves. I rarely feel quite this relaxed about the dirt factor. And it was lucky that I felt this way about it today. As we ended up with an upended full potty, spread all over the ground. And a crawling toddler, blazing her way through it, before I had the chance to stop her. Poop. Literally.


  1. C'est pas toujours évident quand on a de jeunes enfants, on passe notre temps à nettoyer mais quel bonheur de les voir gambader en liberté. Je te rassure Clara j'en ai un de 15 ans et je nettoie toujours derrière lui ;)) bisous à tous et les filles sont magnifiques
    Jacinta DA COSTA

    1. It is true. Getting dirty is all the fun for my two at times!


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