Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fuel anyone?

Our once monthly time to fill the car up with fuel.
Living in such a small town, the car is rarely used for big trips anymore. For off road trips, we use the bumpy car, so it had been a few weeks since we'd last needed to fill the tank.
We were slightly shocked.

This, is slightly higher than even we're used to paying up here.
As with anything in WA, the cost of living is relatively high when compared to other states. And it's certainly the reality in this part of the world. Everything is just that little bit more expensive again. Transported in to us from some place far away.
But I can't help but wonder, if it quite justifies an extra 30 cents per litre more than what you would pay in Perth. But hey, what do I know. If you're the only roadhouse on the highway for the next 300 kilometres or so, I guess you can charge whatever you feel!


  1. Gee we pay 1.63 in Hobart and we are supposed to be a capital city.......not such a big difference to what you are paying. I wonder what the excuse is for Hobart? Distance? Transport is simply a national wide wrought.

  2. Wow that's ridiculous! We usually pay around that price also.
    Some Sultan in the Middle East is doing well for himself!!


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