Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kitchen Cabinet and Annabel Crabb

The final election campaign week......
My vote has been decided for quite some time, so I really haven't taken much of an interest to any of the campaigns, slogans or debates this time around. The most exciting thing to look forward to for me, was the announcement by our local high school (where voting will be held), that they will be selling cooked breakfast and morning tea delights on the day. Yummo.
That was until I heard Annabel Crabb's announcement. Then I was excited. Two spin offs of her show "Kitchen Cabinet" this final election week, with both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd separately. It speaks volumes that this is about the most interesting thing that's happened all election campaign. A culinary coup. These shows, will be the only pre election "campaigning" I will watch with anticipation and 100% voluntarily. It has even been alleged that K Rudd delayed a briefing over the Syria security crisis for the recording of the ABC show. A last pre election pitch, to show your true self and positives to the public. And one that will be actually broadcast on free to air TV, and worth watching.
If you're unfamiliar with the format of the show, Annabel "invades the kitchens of Australian politicians, in search of food and psychoanalysis." The federal politician cooks dinner, and Annabel brings desert. In the past, there have been all levels of gourmet, or lack of on the show. Joe Hockey, opposition treasurer, cooked steak on the barbie, accompanied with an iceberg lettuce and tomato salad. While Christine Milne, leader of the greens, made a warm goats cheese tart.

I'm not really interested in what Kevin and Tony have to say. I'm sure, as genuine a conversation as it may be, all questions will still be carefully answered, though hopefully not as scripted as we're used to seeing in the press. And the setting, carefully stage managed.
For me, I personally can't wait to see what Kevin and Tony cook up. Will it be a carefully staged choice of food that reflects themselves, or something that reflects where they live. Perhaps Kevin might cook a dish of Moreton Bay bugs, washed down with a can of XXXX, and desert served with a cup of his own Twining's blend Australian afternoon tea that he created. And Tony a gourmet style salad with fish or seafood, that reflects his Northern Beaches of Sydney lifestyle. Or maybe, they might just be one of those politicians, who's wives type out the recipe in point format. Complete with presliced ingredients, sitting in nice containers, ready to be cooked, in front of the glare of the camera and Annabel's questions.
Who knows, but I can't wait to watch.

Happy voting!

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