Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shoots and Leaves

And just like that, we have shoots.
It was just over a week ago that we planted our small vegetable garden, and we are so excited to see lots of little plants growing everywhere. Twice daily watering seems to have overcome the daily 30 degree temperatures, which I thought might have slowed down any new shoots, from sprouting too soon. It might be too soon to say, but it seems our garden, with all the care taken in preparing the soil, is thriving.
Now, if only we'd remembered to place tags near to where we planted each line of seeds. My guess is that these are our cucumber or beans sprouting.
Do any greenthumbs have any answers for me?


  1. they look like corn to me! did you plant corn? cucumber looks a bit like zuchini - big thick flat lfirst leaves. i think :-)
    i always forget to tag/label my plants too. i think "i'll remmebr/recognise what it is once i see it". nope. especially if i plants lots of different peas varieties at the same time! is that a snow pea or do i need to leave it to grow inot a pod i can shell? no idea.


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