Sunday, 22 September 2013

Grace has a Secret

I love a childrens book.
I once toyed very seriously with the idea of being a childrens librarian. And still do.
At primary school, the librarian Mrs West, put new books aside for me as they arrived. One's that she thought I might like to read and enjoy, before anybody else had the chance. She really fostered in me, a love of books that I still have today. (Yes, I was a Librarian teachers pet.) Even without as much time now as I used to have, I still try to find time to read. It's not always daily now, maybe more weekly. I am still bad, for staying up too late, reading until the last chapter, because I can't bring myself to put a book down. Now, as an adult, I do it by the light of a miners light, clipped around my forehead, while my husband is asleep next to me in bed. And, as a child, I sneakily read by the light of the hallway, always later into the night than I was allowed. So in some ways, not much has changed really. Just the addition of a snoring husband.
Reading childrens books, particularly at the end of the day, is one of the most enjoyable moments that I share with my daughters, and I hope that I have passed my joy of reading onto them. I feel I definetly have with our eldest. But time is lacking slightly at the moment, to spend as much time reading with my youngest as I would like to. And I'm finding, she doesn't quite have the patience for books at the moment. Or to sit still long enough to listen. She really is in a movement "phase'' at the moment.
Today, the postman delivered something that I'm always pleased to see arrive at my door. A parcel. Presents for the girls from my family. And inside, amongst other things, a childrens book, "Grace has a secret". One of the most gorgeously illustrated books that I've seen for a long time. With such a lovely storyline and simple message, about a little girl with a big heart, who tries to change the world through a simple act of kindness. It will definetly be a favourite for bedtime stories for us.

Proudly, this book was also written by Prudence Holling & Philippa Ray. Two ladies who live near my small hometown in Tasmania. And as a result, we were lucky enough to receive a signed copy, courtesy of my Mum who is now a stockist. (Don't you just love small towns!) So I can't help but sing it's praises. It is, the first picture book in a series, written to encourage kindness and gratitude. What could be nicer than that?
On my reading pile, I'm afraid there is nothing anywhere close as pretty a book to look at or read.
My brothers partner, suggested to me something on her visit here. A great idea. One that she also is thinking of doing in Hobart. That maybe, I should start a book club while I'm living here. A great way to do non-Mumsy things, and meet new people also. One's that aren't necessarily linked to the girls and their play friends. I'm not sure how such a club would work, or if anybody would be interested. Though I'm hoping it would involve a certain amount of wine being enjoyed at the same time. But it's definetly something worth thinking about.
Not that I need an excuse to read a book.
Is anybody a part of a book club? or has started one themselves?
If your're interested, you can find out more about this lovely book here

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