Monday, 7 October 2013

Glamping it up at Karijini Eco Resort

We are back after a weekend away of adventure at Karijini National Park. Our first night away, from the same same boringness of this town. We chose a hot, 38 degree weekend, to explore the nearby Karijini National Park. By nearby, I mean just under 200 km's away. That's classified local up here.
It's remote. Rugged. And stunningly beautiful.

My husband and I had been here before, years ago. But this was the first time with the girls. We chose the more child friendly pools of Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls. Part of the Dales Gorges.
A relaxed walk, despite the numerous stairs, found us at the shady "rockpools" (as my daughter calls them). A baby carrier is a must here. As is a sense of adventure, to help propel my eldest daughter along at a reasonable pace, now that she prefers to walk more, rather than be carried. And of course, so were my ugly shoes.

I use a Tula baby carrier. I've bought other brands, and borrowed different brands from friends. Trying to find one that suited me. This is easily my favourite. Slim fitting, comfortable to wear. All those things.
I wasn't able to find one in the shops to buy. But you can find them online here.
After all that walking and coaxing, and on such a hot day, it was a relief to be able to take a swim and enjoy a picnic lunch next to the water. Even with so many other people, enjoying the same things, it was still relaxed and peaceful. And also, lots of fun. My daughter, watching people jump in. Talking all things French with visiting tourists. And trying not to slip over on the slippery rocks in the shallow parts of the pools.

We were lucky enough, to spend the night, glamping under the stars at the amazing Karijini eco resort. Domed tents, scattered throughout the landscape. Some powered, some not. All non-airconditioned, but positioned for natural ventilated comfort. Our first night, all sleeping in the one room together. And a tent of all things. The Mum in me, who likes to knock of at 7pm bedtime, was a little nervous about how that was all going to unfold.

In one word, our stay there was perfect. Our eldest, nicknamed the tent, a cubby. And the two, spent the whole time, exploring, playing. Eating icecream on the deck. Showering in the open aired bathroom. Collecting rocks. And we managed something we haven't been able to do for awhile in the day time with our charmingly busy two daughters. Read the paper. Undisturbed. Drank wine. Undisturbed.

An early tea in the alfresco restaurant, was short and sharp. It had been a long day in the hot sun. Everyone was tired. But the food was yummy. Wild barramundi, emu, cooked in front of us, complete with flaming pans.

And bedtime, well that worked out ok too. Later than normal. But that was ok. And after much chitter chatter between the girls, when they should have been asleep, which was amusing at first but not so funny after awhile, it soon became funny again. As we listened to our eldest telling off the other, "shhhhhhh, nigh nighs now Jessie please." Silence eventually followed, and my husband and I sat on the deck outside the tent. With a bottle of wine. No phones, laptop or tv. With only the light of the stars. We sat in almost darkness and talked. It was nice for a change. And just what we needed.
Day to day life's been busy lately. We needed a little holiday, and this was perfect.


  1. What an absolutely stunning place! The scenery looks straight out of a fairy tale, or Swiss Family Robinson. I'd love to visit someday; so glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

    1. Thankyou Katie for stopping by, and reading my blog. I had a look at yours tonight also. And really enjoyed reading! Can I ask how you came across my blog?


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