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Monday, 25 November 2013

Imaginary Play

There is nothing more delightful, than listening to your child talk and play out their imagination. And there has been a lot of that this week, as it's just too hot to go outside. Quiet natterings and conversations to farm animals, little dolls, big dolls and Peppa pigs.

Dolls have been read stories to, and then tucked into bed. They've said their goodbyes as they drove off in Grandpa Pig's miniature locomotive to the shops and the cafĂ©. Mummy animals have been reunited with their baby animals, and copious cups of tea have been served to all. Sounds almost like my life really. Minus the miniature locomotive.

Listening to my eldest talk, and reenact our daily life through her play, has really made me aware of just how much the girls take in, of everything we say and do. Soon she'll be counting to 3 in a firm, last ditch effort type voice, after having asked her dolls a few too many times, to please go to the toilet and then put on your shoes so we can leave NOW.



Monday, 11 November 2013

Little Red & Toby

Another hot, sunny afternoon. This one spent lazily in the backyard. A chance to sit back and relax, while the girls occupy themselves in their small wading pool, splashing around and cooling off.
The girls being somewhat, penned into their wading pool, doesn't just give me a little break. But also their treasured companions. The fifth and sixth members of our families. Perhaps, you could say, the most hard worked members. Meeting demands, the need for cuddles, comfort and company, not just through the day, but all through the night. I, at least, get to sleep in my own bed, without little fingers and hands searching for me. Looking for my eyes, nostrils and ears to poke and explore.
Little Red and Toby, as they're affectionately known, have taken a slightly harder battering than usual since moving to these parts. They're dropped in the red dirt regularly. Dragged in it. Crawled over by dirty knees. Held by dirty hands. And all the while, rarely allowed out of sight for a wash. They are looking, a little worse for wear. Slowly turning a slight shade of pinky red. But then maybe we all are. And we've just not realised it.

These two, are truly treasured possessions. Watched over by everyone. Needed so much, that they can't ever be lost. Rarely allowed beyond the house, or car. We have found an identical twin to Little Red, who can fill in at a moments notice,  if ever needed. But Toby. He's our only. We did find a twin for Toby. But he was just too new, shiny and white to ever be able to fill in without a certain someone noticing.

Both girls chose their own comforters. Their own favourite toy. Neither were the toy, that I thought, or hoped that they might love. I am often surprised, and was slow to appreciate, the strong emotional feelings that they both have for their little friends. How much comfort they bring, especially during what must feel like, long nights on their own in their beds.

Enjoy the well deserved break you two. You can have a wash soon, I promise.
Do your children have a must go everywhere comforter? Did it survive all that love without being lost, torn or worn out?

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