Monday, 25 November 2013

Imaginary Play

There is nothing more delightful, than listening to your child talk and play out their imagination. And there has been a lot of that this week, as it's just too hot to go outside. Quiet natterings and conversations to farm animals, little dolls, big dolls and Peppa pigs.

Dolls have been read stories to, and then tucked into bed. They've said their goodbyes as they drove off in Grandpa Pig's miniature locomotive to the shops and the cafĂ©. Mummy animals have been reunited with their baby animals, and copious cups of tea have been served to all. Sounds almost like my life really. Minus the miniature locomotive.

Listening to my eldest talk, and reenact our daily life through her play, has really made me aware of just how much the girls take in, of everything we say and do. Soon she'll be counting to 3 in a firm, last ditch effort type voice, after having asked her dolls a few too many times, to please go to the toilet and then put on your shoes so we can leave NOW.




  1. How do I not know of your blog?? It is gorgeous! Imaginary play is just the best. I love listening to my daughter's stories. Such an insight into her little mind. xx

    1. Thank you Zanni. I know I love those small glimpses into their minds too!

    2. And thank you for linking up! x

  2. omg, your girls are beautiful. that second photo- too cute! what an expression, lol!

    yes, my heart always mildly melts when i see roman playing by himself, talking to his toys or something. it's quite cute. amelia is a bit too small now, but she has started cuddling with and carrying around this stuffed rabbit she has like it's her best friend. also very cute!

    yes, it definitely makes you think about how much kids take in when you hear them re-enacting things that happened, or saying things that you've said. even when you think they're not listening, they're always listening! (unless you want them to be listening, in which case, of course, they are not, lol)



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