Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Return to Civilisation

Our first trip out of the red dirt of the North, and back to the big city lights. Our first in almost six months. My husband will be on a work course for the whole of next week, and we're tagging along. Leaving myself and the girls, free to roam and explore. By that I mean shop. Catch up with old friends that I've missed dearly. Enjoy the sites of green luscious parks. Playgrounds on the riverside. Good cafes. Sushi. My favourite pattiserie. The David Jones foodhall. The Christmas trees and lights in all the department stores. Bookshops. I could go on.

Packing for the non red dirt world, heralds quite a few things. It means, the bringing out of all your white clothes, your good clothes, your cooler climate clothes and your non-pilbarised shoes. For me, that means leaving the one pair of thongs that I have been willing and able to bring myself to sacrifice to the elements up here. And I'll leave them behind gladly. I'm sick of wearing them on a day to day basis. There are a couple of other pairs of sandals that I have worn up here at times. But only when the occasion has involved nothing more than a fast dash from airconditioned house to airconditioned car, into airconditioned  house or shopping venue (of which there are few).

While my shoes aren't necessarily expensive, or that fancy, they are all shoes that I really like. A collection I've added to slowly over time, as I'm just not a big shoe shopper. I don't want the red dust staining them in the hot months, or the red mud staining them in the cool months. So, it looks like I need to go shopping for shoes while I'm in Perth. One's I'm willing to let get a little dirty, and that are a little more stylish than my ugly shoes.

Yes, we will be leaving these grubby dirt stained shoes behind at home. If they look a little red here, sitting on red stained concrete, then they certainly will once we arrive back on city soil.

Best get packing!


  1. I love the colour of your concrete, my folks have a similar colour soil. I hope you have fun in the city shopping and look forward to seeing your new shoes. i am off to the city in a few weeks for a night and a day of shopping.

  2. Thanks Lizzie,
    I can't wait for a change of scenery!

  3. how exciting! have fun :) take lots of pictures!

  4. how poetic - 'packing for the non red dirt world'.
    i hope you enjoyed the david jones food hall. it's one of my fave stops when i go to sydney or melbourne. as much as i wish we'd get a DJs here, having it 'away' makes it even more special.

    1. Heading there tomorrow, and will make sure I visit on an empty stomach!


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