Sunday, 24 November 2013

Happy Sunny Sunflower Sunday

There is something about this sunny flower. They have lit up the small corner of our backyard, that previously, we hadn't even noticed. And brought with it, a new first word for Miss J, "flower". While I am starting to wilt in the daily 40 degree temperatures, our sunflowers, and vegetable garden in general, are continuing to grow and thrive in this environment.

So, before Miss J removes as many petals as she can reach, with her little, inquisitive fingers, some photos, to appreciate them by, in all their sunny glory.


  1. i have sunflower envy! i can't beleive how lush everything is!
    tell me, do you pay for your water (ie like electricity) ? i know that sounds weird to ask, just curious if it is like electricity (we now pay for water usage in hobart, which i think is fair).

    1. Because we're living in a company house, we also have our water and electricity subsidised (generously). Enough to allow us to run the air conditioner all day and night if we need, and water the garden daily also. In saying that, we've entered the wet season now, so we are getting some large downpours every few days!


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