Friday, 8 November 2013

The Family Table { Our first harvest }

The vegetable garden, has yielded it's first harvest. Yellow cherry tomatoes. They have been slowly ripening over the last week, and today I decided, they were yellow enough. Ripe enough to eat.
I planned to make a salad with them for our dinner tonight. To celebrate our first taste of home grown vegetable.

But my eldest daughter had other plans. Quietly eating, next to all of them, while they sat in the small blue bowl I'd left them in. Well, they were for eating I suppose. And who could blame her. Once I tried one, I completely understood. These were the most sweetest tasting tomatoes that I'd tasted in a long time. I'd forgotten what a "real" homegrown tomato tasted like.

It's a rare thing, for my children to spontaneously eat vegetables like this. Perhaps the novelty of watching them grow for weeks and picking them together, made them all that more enticing to eat.
Whatever the reason, I'm pleased to see her eating them with such joy.


  1. Umm - yummm!!! They look amazing Carla! I was always very dubious about yellow tomatoes, until I did a home review where the owner plucked some straight off the vine and said I had to eat them. And they were the greatest tomatoes ever. I'm midway through planting up our vegetable gardens with tomatoes for the summer so I'll have to try to find some from my local nursery.

  2. that's how homegrown food should be enjoyed :-)
    it's also the reason i never buy tomatoes from the shops - i always wait til the real ones are growing. i'd rather be tomato-less for most of the year than endure tasteless cardboardy ones!


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