Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Blogging World

I'm relatively new to blogging.
It was something I started when we left Perth to begin living the residential life in a mining town. To help keep in touch with friends and family, who we now live far away from. But also in large part, to allow myself to feel that I was still part of a life that exists outside of this town.
Before starting my own, I rarely read blogs, if at all. I knew nothing of this online world. The internet world for me consisted of a too often spot of online shopping, and Facebook. With an occasional check of my email.
I have always been a voracious reader. But having children, has meant little time to read like I used to. Books take longer to finish, magazines can sit unread for days at times. I just don't have the space in my day, to read as much as I want to.
What I have found, is that reading blogs, is now a perfect match to my time poor self. Small snippets of thought, different voices, able to be enjoyed in just a few moments. With an endless choice of topics to choose from, and styles of writing to learn from and enjoy. From recipes, to montessori, fashion. All can be enjoyed in small moments in your day.
I love the momentary escape, that reading one can give to my day while I'm enjoying a small window of time to me. If I'm lucky, while also drinking a still HOT cup of something caffeine. The chance to read and connect with others, in the midst of what are often busy dusty days, can sometimes be the small breath of something different, that I just needed.

Some blogs that I enjoy spending my time with
How we Montessori - The first blog I've ever followed, long before I started my own. A great blog for age related, Montessori based activities, that are easy to be applied to home play.
Baby Mac - This is an all round lifestyle blog. Lots of topics, plus she owns an enviously beautiful home. Lots of lovely photos. I just enjoy this light hearted blog.
Hugo & Elsa - A small taste of Tasmania. With stunning photography and food.
House Nerd - Everybody loves peeping into other peoples homes, and this blog peeks into some amazing ones.
Che & Fidel - I love her notes on practicing simplicity
Strayed from the Table - For anyone needing inspiration to grow their own vegetables at home.
Bungalow Bliss - Follows a home renovation on a Californian Bungalow, and all the twists and turns of life that occur along the way.
A Little Delightful - This blog always leaves me wanting to buy what she posts. Oh, and make oreo pops.

What I am missing. A great blog about books that I really click with. And surely, there must be a girl like me somewhere, enduring the same red dirt lifestyle that I am, and writing about it.
Know anybody?
What blogs do you enjoy reading?


  1. I have only just discovered your blog and like it already. I am going to add it to my reading list.

    I am new to blogging. too. In fact, I started blogging in August this year, just like you. I have been reading blogs for a long time but have not quite had the oomph to start my own. I have always enjoyed writing and felt the time was right to get started when I did. I like quite a few blogs but my favourite ones are probably "Coal Valley View", "Tales from a happy house", "Life in mud spattered boots" and "Soulemama". I read many more, in fact, the list is expanding rapidly and I probably spend more time reading blogs than I should... If you like reading, "Greedy for Colour" regularly has a this week in books posts. I have written two posts about a my book group reading but nothing too exiting.
    Christina x

  2. Thanks Christina for recommending some new blogs. I know, it's very easy to fall into blogs, and pass away too many hours! Let alone find time to write your own!!

  3. thank you for the link to house nerd. so glamourous and inspirational.
    i follow mainly blogs now (as opposed to websites) because i enjoy the personal side of things. feel free to check out the ones i have listed under my 'favourite things' page. i especially love australian and NZ ones, they have a lovely laidback quality. american ones can be too slick for me sometimes!
    i don't know any reading/book blogs, but maybe you will find some here:
    or start your own!


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