Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Mine Tour

I wasn't going to post this post.

It's so unglamorous. But then, so is this place. There's no point pretending it's any better than it actually is. Looking at these photos makes me wonder, what are we doing up here exactly? This part of the world, this lifestyle, it's really not me at all. Or us. But, this is the reason we're here. Living in such an isolated place. Mining. My husbands work.

A family day at the mine. A chance to look around the office and area where my husband works. To see where all that red dust, which settles on everything and everyone in town, comes from.

Doesn't it just make you want to move here?!


  1. Wow. Well I for one am glad you posted them. My husband is in mining too. Makes you understand why when he gets home everything he owns is covered in red dust!

    1. Hi Maya, yes, it gets into everything! Fortunately my husband is in the office!


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