Wednesday, 19 February 2014

" Daddy, Why Is Your Vagina So Big? "

Miss Amelie, recently three, and already the questions have started.

My daughters are completely relaxed about my bits and bobs. Not really noticing, and barely mentioning them in our little conversations.

But my husband. The only male in a household of four. Has been recently singled out for some very inquisitive stares, watching and questioning of late.

The kinds of questions that go right back to what makes a man, a man. A thing to be understood. If you can stretch your mind that far.

The trips to the toilet, which now involve two girls. One standing either side, looking up with great concentration, at this big vagina doing a wee.

"Daddy why do you still have your trousers on to do a wee?
Why are you standing up?
Daddy why is your vagina so big?
Why were you born with a penis?
Why don't you have a vagina?
Daddy why were you born a man?"

All this with my husband barely managing a trickle due to stage fright.

And then there's those larger philosophical questions.

"Daddy why do you like watching cricket?
Why are you sitting on your bum bum again on the couch?
Why did you just pop off on my bed? You should do your pop offs on the toilet.
Why is your bottom so big?
Why does your top lip have to be so scratchy sometimes?"

Watching him be the centre of so much questioning, has been incredibly amusing to listen to. But by no means do I consider myself out of the spotlight. It's only a matter of time. I'm sure my body will face plenty of criticism, and stares, as my daughters grow in to adolescents. And I know, by simply remembering the looks I gave, and questions asked of my Mum's naked form in the shower, that the level of observation and comparison, from a daughter to her Mother, might just be a little harsher than anything my husband has had to deal with.

Until then, I will continue to laugh quietly to myself, as I listen to my husband try to pee, whilst also explain some of the birds and the bees to Amelie. Oh and a Jessie who just likes to follow her older sister around and pretend she's a "big girl" in the know too.

Been on the end of your child's questioning about your bits and pieces yet?
Found it a little confronting?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love for Us { At This Moment in Time }

Our bed, at 6.30am most mornings. A metaphor for "our love" right now. The two smallest members of the family, taking up more room, space and doona than the two of us. My husband and I, pushed to the edge, with arms and legs desperately trying to stay in there, till as close to 7am as we can manage.

This move to the Pilbara seven months ago, has brought with it, major changes to our life, our routines, our relationship. And while some things have improved, other things have not. We see each other every day now. But we actually have less of a chance to spend time together. As a couple and as a family. I definitely wouldn't put "us" in the improved bracket right now. Young children, this five day work week (my husband previously worked fly in fly out of Perth), and just life in general. Shit just gets busy.

The feelings are still there, but time just isn't. We give our best to our daughters. Our patience, time, energy and conversation. Not to mention our warmest cuddles and kisses. And when they're asleep and tucked in bed for the night, we slump on the couch with a cup of herbal tea. Mostly in silence. Glad to have our feet up. To be reading and doing things that interest us. And doing them uninterrupted for the first time in the day. And sadly, with the TV usually being the only shared focal point between the two of us.

Young children and life. Makes for busy days. For lots of unromantic evenings. And no chance of lazy mornings spent lounging in bed. It's not a recipe for long conversations, candle lit dinners, sexy lingerie, or much effort at all really. Not in this house anyway.

I wish things were different. I wish I was different. But the truth is, I'm just not. I make an effort during the day, but I am in my pyjamas by 7pm most nights. And gladly so. Right now, in this moment, all our efforts go into parenting, and not enough effort goes into us as a couple. I know that that isn't a good thing, and maybe I'm admitting our faults more than I actually should be on here!

But, the reality of course. That this period of our lives, where so much of our energy is spent on the girls, is a small one. So in no way am I moaning. We are lucky to have the family that we do.

I don't agree with the commercialism of Valentine's Day. But I do with the sentiment. To me, Valentine's Day is a reminder. A day to remind your friends and family, that you love and care for them. That you value them. Despite not showing it, quite as much as you should.

So what will you find us doing tonight. Opting out of our usual early family tea time. A late dinner to ourselves at home once the girls are in bed. Where all the positive reasons for eating your broccoli won't be discussed (it gives you big muscles, did you know that?). A meal that will be eaten while the food is still hot. And one which won't require the remnants to be swept off the floor afterwards. Oh and a good bottle of red. That's the plan anyway.

Happy Valentines day to you. I hope you get the chance to enjoy it with the one or ones you love xxx

Please excuse my page for the moment. I am attempting to put social media icons on. Who knew it could be so tricky!!

Linking up with Zanni from My Little Sunshine House for her Sunday Series and Sonia from Life love and Hiccups for her Weekend Rewind x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Winner of My Six Month Thankyou Giveaway

Well the winner of the French knitted and hand knotted woollen necklace from Stuffed Nonsense is Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups.

Picked randomly from a small basket by my husband. It's all very professional in this household!

Thank you to everyone for entering, and for all your support over the last 6 months.

Sonia please contact me on so I can organise delivery to you.

Thanks again for entering xxx

A Trip To The Beach { Opthalmia Dam }

Well this is obviously no Whitsunday Island. No white sand. No clear blue waters.

Just red dirt. 45 degree temperatures and a whole lot of water after all the rain we've had recently. To locals here, this is our beach. 

Let's just say, even with the hot temperatures, that I wasn't keen to pull out the bikinis, sunbake and go for a swim. In anyway. But it was a refreshing paddle, wet your toes, nonetheless. 

And the girls loved it. Which really is all it's about anyway.

Before moving here, you would have never seen me in such a place. Let alone catch me dipping my toes into water quite so dirty looking (let me just say it's not actually dirty, it's just stained red). Funny what 7 months of living in the Pilbara can find you doing. And being totally comfortable with!

A box of tissues and endless fun.

Toby, overseeing our drive home.

Happy summer beach days x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Make Your Own : Spreadable Butter

Sounds tricky doesn't it. But it's really not at all.

Ever taken a glance, at the ingredients list on a tub of margarine, or spreadable butter from your local supermarket. Surprising isn't it? It's not just butter in there is it? More than likely, you'll find some kind of vegetable or canola oil (not good for you), a whole bunch of numbers that you know nothing about, maybe some colourings, and a little bit of preservatives to go with it all if you're lucky enough.

Seems ridiculous doesn't it. When all you really want, is just some butter on your toast that won't make a whole in it when you spread it on. And one without all the junk.

If this is important to you { as things like these are slowly becoming in our household }, then you have two options. You can buy the more expensive Lurpak spreadable butter. Or you can make your own. And making your own is easy peasey, and cheaper.

So what do you need:
250gram of soft organic butter (just leave it out the night before)
1/4 cup of filtered water
1/4 cup of oil { I used grapeseed oil }

If you have a thermomix, place ingredients into the bowl and blend on speed 5 for 30-40 seconds. Stopping to scrape the sides down mid way through. Place in a container and keep in the fridge.

You could also use a conventional blender. Just avoid really high speeds so the butter doesn't splatter all over the bowl/jug.

And now the question of which oil you "should" use. Ideally olive oil, but it does of course have quite a strong flavour, so you need to make sure you use a very light flavoured oil. You could also use flax seed oil. Sunflower, canola oils are big no no's for your health, so try and avoid using these if you can. Grapeseed oil, well it depends on which book or report you read. Some will place grape seed oil in the big no no column alongside sunflower and canola oils. Others consider it to be an oil very beneficial to your health.

In all that confusion, I went with grapeseed oil. And the taste was delicious. No oily taste at all. Just soft spreadable butter. Next time I'll attempt it with a very light olive oil.

Better for your health over margarine. Without all the crap. And so easy to make.

Have you ever made your own butter before?
Love your thermomix for making random stuff like this?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Six Months of Blogging { and a GIVEAWAY } CLOSED

The turtle
only makes progress
when it's neck
is stuck out 
- Rollo May -

Six months of blogging and 63 posts later. Who'd have thought. Certainly not me.

When I started my blog with My Red Adventure back in August, I really wasn't sure what I was doing. I had played around with the idea of a blog for awhile, but was too hesitant and self conscious about putting myself out there, to ever go through with any of my ideas. And so it had remained simply that. An idea.

And then we moved to the middle of nowhere to be together as a family. And it just felt right. My early to bed husband, and my night owl self, left me with a couple of hours every evening, twiddling my thumbs....and wanting to start writing again.

I have loved so much about starting my own blog. It is, if nothing else, easily the best diary I've ever kept. It has given me a new creative outlook on my day, and the opportunity to notice more of the little day to days of life, which can be so easily lost amidst the tantrums, mess and noise that is a life with 2 toddlers.

This blog has allowed me to focus on all the good things that exist in my life. And during those times where I've asked myself,  "What the hell am I doing living in the middle of nowhere for?", it has made me look to the positives that surround our choice to live here. Kept my head out of living in this town. And kept me a little closer to happy.

So, thank you to everyone who reads and has supported my blog with your lovely comments. I'm truly flattered that you take an interest (whatever your reasons may be for doing so) in my little place on the web. And to those good friends and family, who have unwaveringly supported, liked and commented on my every Facebook post, big hugs and thank you to you also. You made me feel a little less self-conscious about what I had started here.

So a little giveaway to say thank you to the lovely small group of friends, family and followers I have slowly gathered. I love a good Etsy find, hope you like this one as much I do!!

A French knitted and hand knotted woollen necklace from Stuffed Nonsense.

To enter via Facebook please
1: like my yellow heart's Facebook page
2: comment below the original link to let me know you've entered

And you can also comment below this post for an additional entry.

Winner to be announced on the evening of 12th February.

Good luck!! x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Turning Three { Amelie }

Little miss. Soon to be three. Inspired by Sonia from Life Love and Hiccup's. And her post about protecting the memories. Because time passes by so fast. And the small things can so easily fade from your memory.

Our little girl. Not so little anymore. Growing into her own. Before our very eyes. Her little quirks and nuances. All the little things that make her Amelie. That make us smile. That test my patience. All the little things I don't want to forget.

A moment in time. Captured. All her favourites. At the age of three.

Your Favourite Things
Jumping off the couch while flapping your wings. Your attempt to fly like a little bird
Toby, your beloved companion
Turning your Mum and Dad into a frog with your fairy wand
Dancing, dancing, dancing
Butterfly kisses before bedtime
Your door being left open "a little tiny bit" at nighttime
Your baby Jessie
Drawing faces, green grass and the sun
Chocolate and cheese
Dipping your toast soldiers into homemade soup
Running races
Glue, sparkles and pom poms
As many books as you can persuade before lights out ( you have become extraordinarily good at stretching out your bedtime)
Climbing and swinging high into the sky
Your make believe shop, where everything always costs twenty dollars, regardless of how much I buy
As many cartoons as you can negotiate in a day to watch
Colours, the brighter, the better
Mumma's long hair
Daddy's big muscles
Jessie's soft brown baby hair

Happy birthday darling girl. We love listening to your now, very confident chitter chatter. Helping ease your worries { no I won't let Dad put you in Jessie's night time nappies again, yes he was very naughty for doing that }. And watching you slowly grow, into a protective and gentle big sister.

I know in the past I have been reluctant to use my children's actual names. It was, it is, a privacy thing. That line I'm trying to define in my own mind. What I'm willing and feel safe to share. What I'm not.  It sometimes gets blurry. The line hard to judge. And this one has. On my Facebook page, my children are referred to by their names often, and I'm more than ok with that. But it's pointless using pseudonym's for them on this blog, if that's going to be the case. So no longer Miss A or J. Simply Amelie and Jessie.
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